Author Topic: How to Start a Theme and Theme Index *MUST READ*  (Read 23671 times)

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How to Start a Theme and Theme Index *MUST READ*
« on: April 05, 2016, 09:20:28 »
The original Themes board was a great idea, but the board no longer served its purpose because it was used as a parking area for all kinds of stuff not belonging there. We have cleaned up the board and moved many topics to a more appropriate board. It is our hope that by applying stricter control, this board will once again return to its earlier significance.

Do note that this board now may require  Moderator Approval before a NEW topic becomes visible to the general public.

Topic Types & Board Tags
Any topic started on the Themes, Portfolio, PaD or PaW board must fall under one of the following designated types and be marked accordingly with the bracketed tag. The Admins will review and move non-compliant threads to other more appropriate boards.

  • [Theme] An invitation topic following a specific theme defined by the topic starter.
    These themed threads invite all members to participate with their own contributions. Do keep focus on the theme and the photography when posting. Well-defined themes work much better than vague themes.
  • [Portfolio] A topic showing a series from a member's own portfolio.
    Be sure you have material for more than a single introductory post before the thread is initiated. We suggest at least 3 or 4 photos for the first post in a Portfolio topic with a goal to exhibiting at least 10 photos. Please provide some insight into your work for the benefit of viewers. A Portfolio thread should be closed after it has run for a year. You are free to start a new Portfolio topic after your old one has been closed.
  • [PaW] Picture-A-Week. A topic for one member only who posts one photo per week.
    The PoW thread should be closed after it has run for a year. You are free to start a new PaW topic after your old one has closed.
  • [PaD] Picture-A-Day. A topic for one member only who posts one photo per day.
    The thread should be closed after it has run for a year. You are free to start a new PaD topic after your old one has closed.

Theme Length:
  When a Theme grows too long, it might be closed by the Admins. Alternatively, we can choose to split the Theme into separate parts. Thus, for example, let it run for a quarter or a given number of months.

We have yet to determine whether many-paged topics affect the server and database. It is possible some members might experience slow load times for exceptionally long threads. We will work on determining an optimal thread length. Should we happen to close a Theme, members are free to re-start a new Theme on the same subject.

Theme Index:  Consult the Theme Index in the next post to determine whether the Theme you wish to start might already exist and is still open for contributions.

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Re: How to Start a Theme and Theme Index *MUST READ*
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 16:42:42 »
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