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Camera Talk / Re: Nikon 1 replacement?
« Last post by Bent Hjarbo on Today at 10:01:59 »
I have a lot of  Nikon 1 equipment, but only use it occasionally.
Does it have any reasonable sales value?
I may want to keep some of it for time lapse. But the V2 doesn’t do time lapse, so the V2 and a 70-300 could be candidates for a sell. It is a nice compact “safari kit”.
Yes that would be great to hear from B, I have only heard parts of the story over the years, I believe it was never disclosed to protect the intellectual property and not to 'offend' Nikon ;)

Also Nikon has never acknowledged that it even works for all of their MF lenses even though they have a few AI-P lenses that does exactly the same thing!

It is possible to find some of the Nikon CPU enigma among other tidbits if you google for instance:

Reverse engineering Nikon CPU

Among other things the clue to the history behind Dandelion CPU's and LensId list for Nikon lenses pop up  ;)
Lens Talk / Re: Re chip Samyang 14mm F2.8 For Z7 ? can you ?
« Last post by Erik Lund on Today at 09:44:58 »
I believe that all third party lenses from Zeiss and Samyang etc. are reverse engineered CPU copies of Nikon's own CPU some of the brands may have a license to manufacture them of course.

Also, none of them are using Nikon contact blocks or pins. All of them seem to differ in design and materials.
The Nikon contact blocks are of an extremely durable design, material and high production quality.

The Dandelion CPU are sold separately and not implemented by any lens makers, you can also buy F-Mounts where they are glued on.

I believe Bananas and Dandelions are different  ::) :o 8)  and that is why some third party lenses will show problems on Z cameras

Lens Talk / Re: nikkor z 14-30mm f/4
« Last post by Chris Dees on Today at 09:35:35 »
It's the first time in my life I pre-ordered a lens. Normally I wait for reviews (from reputable reviewers :) ).
I'm nbr.1 on a waiting list overhere, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few months until the lens is available overhere. :(
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Show Birds
« Last post by Erik Lund on Today at 09:28:22 »
Colin, I was quite surprised.  All I did it NIK was increase dynamic contrast but not a lot.  All I can think of is that the line of Palms are quite tall and thin.  I was wondering about wind.  There is approx. 100+mtrs between the Osprey and tree.   
I will need to go back and see if the affect is there on shot either side.
Cheers Tom
Amazing image!

Very eye catching image, especially due to the BG, could you post one that has neutral PP - Just curious to see the image ;)

I'm sure some of the striking effect is because of the blades positioning around the central part of the image
Lens Talk / Re: Manual lenses, how stiff is stiff?
« Last post by Erik Lund on Today at 08:22:08 »
These are good quality:

They have a US and a EU online shop
Lens Talk / Re: nikkor z 14-30mm f/4
« Last post by Birna Rørslett on Today at 08:20:06 »
Examining real picture files will provide the answers. I see no reason why this lens should be different from the 3 native lenses I already use. They are all uniformly good performers.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: March 2019
« Last post by Birna Rørslett on Today at 08:17:47 »
A Dead-Nettle Lamium species, Frank. Nice specimen.

The species in this genus are quite similar and are differentiated on details not always apparent on images. Might be a Northern Dead-Nettle L. confertum.
Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: Blutkuppe, Namibia
« Last post by tommiejeep on Today at 07:11:48 »
Peter, I am still enjoying all.  I really like what you've done with the lion cub, or is that dust  :) .  When I was in Kenya my longest was to 70-210 f4 E series  ;)
Lens Talk / Re: nikkor z 14-30mm f/4
« Last post by Fons Baerken on Today at 07:10:22 »
Looking at the pictures from the link in actual size on flickr, they show many artifacts, pretty bad actually.
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