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What the Nerds Do / Finally, a usable version of SnapBridge?
« Last post by ColinM on August 11, 2022, 16:25:18 »
This may only interest users of legacy cameras now.
But I've tried & failed to get SnapBridge to work with my D500 & mobile devices many times before.

Since my phone is newer now, I gave it another go.
With the current version (V2.9.0 on Android) it seems to basically work now.

Still clunky, but I was able to connect & get new images off my camera easily. Editing RAW on my phone was maybe taking it too far but whilst I lend my office to a family member, this was a pleasant surprise.

Here's a sneak preview (see the Food Theme for full image)
So we've had "lens porn" a few times on NG
I think it's time to drool over some tea now :)

This was taken on my D500 @ 80mm handheld
Shot RAW, downloaded to & edited on my phone (which was a much more pleasant task than when I've tried before)

Let me know if you like tea, or have come across it looking like this before
Colin, Eryngium planum i think,

Here i have an image from last month in the dunes of texel of E. campestre.
Sorry Fons, only just found your reply.
Thanks - do you know if your ones have since changed colour?
Mine started a similar green, but the stalks and much of the flowers are now quite blue - unusual in the plant kingdom
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Show Birds
« Last post by ColinM on August 11, 2022, 14:41:30 »
A Monticola Solitarious female back in June with z50 and 200-500 f 5.6 lens
I see now 200-500 is a very good lens :)

You always showed it at it's best
Is it sold yet Nasos?

Quote from: Kim
Red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) juv.

I've seen plenty of amazing moon shots with the Nikon 1, but this is one of the best wildlife shots I've seen with it.
For portability & results, why did they never develop this product line further???
Compared to the Z series, these were usably compact
I loved your asparagus salad lunch Fons.
Just right for a hot day.

I'm really impressed to hear about you making amesake & mochi too

...and natto, problem is you need a type of incubator to regulate time and temperature to have steady success with these fermentations ..

Ok you really piqued my interest here now.
I don't know if this is something about the culture of people in the Netherlands but a Dutch friend (Peter Den Dekker) used to make Tempeh in the 80's. He found one answer to the incubator problem by using old fridges (for the insulation & easily cleaned surfaces) and a single old-style 40W lightbulb to give just enough background heat!

I love Tempeh and much prefer it to the taste and texture of Tofu

From a quick Google, it seems Natto shares some similarities....and some differences with Tempeh

Final question for anyone who knows:
What are your favourite uses for Shiso herb?
Your Weekly Blog / Re: August 2022
« Last post by Luc on August 11, 2022, 14:16:55 »
Nice wood paint image, John. I'm also in the process of painting indoors. I hate it, not the actual painting but the time consuming sanding, filling etc. and cleaning up afterwards. Anyway, eleven doors left to paint ...
I see.  That's a good reason.

To respect, reflect and connect with our traditional ways of growing food, preparing and preserving, and living simply in harmony with nature!
Your Weekly Blog / Re: August 2022
« Last post by Fons Baerken on August 11, 2022, 06:56:35 »
Beautiful evening with family

 D5, 300mm 2.8vrII

Sports Illustrated ;)
Camera Talk / Re: Z9 Front and Read Command Dials
« Last post by Snoogly on August 11, 2022, 06:06:07 »
Sorry to hijack this thread, but does anyone know how to program the display on some Z lenses to be ‘on’ by default? Every time I power up the camera, or wake from sleep, I have to press the lens DISP button enable it.

Surely there must be a to turn it on automatically… ?
Your Weekly Blog / Re: August 2022
« Last post by John Geerts on August 10, 2022, 23:43:34 »
Beautiful evening with family

 D5, 300mm 2.8vrII
Gorgeous  iconic portrait.
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