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Camera Talk / Re: Nikon D3x Off to Nikon Repair for Servicing
« Last post by ThomasAdams on October 16, 2021, 01:27:04 »
I apologize for not returning to this post, I realize that some of you took time to comment and I appreciate it. I am split, part of me thinks no one wants to read about my experiences as it's not uncommon or enjoyable. Part of me wants to continue documenting it...  ???

 The frustration continues but there is progress. They finally accepted the camera back and sent a prepaid UPS label. I spent on last day with the camera and then boxed it up. There are many similarities with the D3 and some very obvious differences. I still need time to explore and learn the inner workings and how to make images with it. I responded to a closed ticket as I hadn't heard anything and once again was reminded that their website is in need of some TLC. As soon as I sent off an email to reopen the ticket I got an email stating it had been closed. I documented this in a follow up email to Nikon and then later received a reply and a new ticket number. So I took a look and the new ticket number reads:


Please note in much of my correspondence I have stated bad pixels and when elaborating used the terms Dead, Stuck, Hot, Cold(? may not have given this term but I circled the damn pixels! They don't register the correct value). I have never seen the term burned out pixels used. I have coined this marketing speak.  ;D

 I explained it to my wife this way when explaining the frustration based on the comment on the ticket:

 That is like taking your car into the shop and saying I have a flat tire, there is a hole in the tire and illustrating where it's at with soapy water. They repair it and hand over the car, the tire goes flat immediately and you take it back and tell them the same hole is in it and they argue about it. Finally they say yes, there is an unrelated problem, there is separation between the molecules, we will fix it but it wasn't related to the issue it was initially sent in for.

In any case, I see progress and I will hold onto that and hope that it arrives in time for some fall photographs. While this has sapped some of the excitement out of getting the new gear, I am still extremely eager to get it back and put it to use!

FreeFileSync works on Linux and I believe Windoze - have you tried it?

I've tried FreeFileSync but its interface is complex and it seems dangerous in that it's easy to accidentally sync a folder which will delete a file from the target that was accidentally deleted from the source. It will also happily over-write a good file with a corrupted file.

I'm used to the old Fsync.exe and do not allow it to delete or over-write files. When I get a list of files that are not equal I can check the source and target file to determine the reason these files aren't equal. At that point I can over-write of rename the target file and keep both.


A true file sync is dangerous and should not be confused with an archive. I need several more HD(s) for proper archives. I'm sure there have been discussions here at NG about the dangers of using a sync program v. a proper archive.  
FreeFileSync works on Linux and I believe Windoze - have you tried it?
Yes, that is my understanding also.  A pity about the MFD.  I think that I will stick with my f/3.5 version.

Unfortunately it seems that the optical design is the same for the Nikon mount and the Leica mount according to comments on Nikon Rumours see attached image. Lens minimum focusing is 0,9 m
I wonder if it's painless to upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to Windows 10 64 bit. I've read about turning no 16 bit support on Windows 32 bit but not 64 bit.

Windows 7 as installed in late 2014 would run 16 bit programs just as installed. Once installed the program Fsync.exe from Fileware England once installed was good to got. An upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 didn't interrupt Fsync.exe. The help files don't work but I don't need them.

If I build a new Windows 10 box I'll have to start with Windows 7 or Windows 10 32 bit and upgrade to Windows 10 64 bit.

If I could figure out what files need to be where and could backup the registry entries needed but I'd need to be more than a "Power User" to do that.

Thanks to everyone! The Quest continues.


 I have some older programs that I have run in VM (Virtual Box by Oracle) by creating a machine and installing an OS as has been suggested. Once I get one setup I create a clone of it and use only the clones for testing which I later delete. This has worked for much of what I do, however sometimes access to non-virtualized hardware or hardware offered via the virtualized machine interface and application presents a problem. I have tried NTVDM on a couple of occasions with windows 10 32 bit OS (rare) with some success. If you have Windows 10 32bit, search for and run Turn windows features On or Off and locate Legacy Components click to show children and then check NTVDM then click OK to enable 16 bit support.

Lens Talk / Re: Voigtlander APO-SKOPAR 90mm f/2.8 SL II S lens for Nikon F-mount
« Last post by longzoom on October 15, 2021, 22:18:51 »
Minimal shooting distance is somewhat disappointing. It means they were not able to fight the barrel distortion up close. Really, 7 elements optical formula is not able to, in this particular case. We will see, let us wait. LZ
Your Weekly Blog / Re: October 2021
« Last post by Fons Baerken on October 15, 2021, 22:11:12 »
Beautiful light Luc.
I didn't know there were 6 Apollo missions that landed on the moon
I saw this at just before I saw it here, and it definitely got my attention.  I like the faster speed but dislike the longer minimum focusing distance (MFD).  Sometimes on a walk I'll want the option of doing flower closeups that aren't true macro, and having a decent MFD really helps with that. 

After reports are in on the optical quality when shooting real subjects, I may or may not get one.
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