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Lens Talk / D3x Lens Choices Wide Angle
« Last post by ThomasAdams on Today at 18:43:07 »

 I am a long time D3 owner (user), there are very few things I desire that it does not offer. My plan is to run it till it no longer works. However, at times I would like a bit more detail... so. After a very long wait, I finally acquired a D3x. The good news is that it is finally affordable - spent way less on it than I did my D3 (I bought when it first came out)  ;D Bad news is that it's in the mail.  ???

From D3x or newer body users with increased resolution - I am looking at wide angle primes or zoom lenses for landscape. I've been mulling over the lens choices and am almost to the point where I am just about ready to just buy something and go test it. Trying to compare lenses online is a hobby I no longer wish to take part in. I am not saying I don't mind a bit of research, it's just I'm getting old and want to go out and enjoy making photographs. Old habits are hard to break.

Currently I am looking at the 18-35mm f3.5-4.5G ED and the 20mm f/1.8G ED. I am not opposed to the 14-24 - aside from the bulbous front end and having to acquire another filter system. The 17-35 f/2.8 is perhaps getting a bit dated as well but I would appreciate some input on that. The 16-35 F/4 is also interesting, I really enjoyed my old Tokina 12-24 F/4 which I sold when I jumped from the D70/D200 to the D3. Opinions on that would be welcome as well.

Any other lenses I am overlooking?

Current "to acquire list" for wide angle:
18-35mm f3.5-4.5G ED
20mm f/1.8G ED

Options I may be dismissing too quickly:
14-24 F/2.8
17-35 F/2.8
16-35 F/4

Appreciate any input you would be willing to share, thank you in advance.

Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2021
« Last post by golunvolo on Today at 17:48:42 »
Beautiful 3d image, spatial depiction and subject. Love the color contrast diffusing on the other side of the glass.

Camera Talk / Re: ZF-c rumours
« Last post by Paolo Navarrete on Today at 17:45:15 »
the crank on the left... if an adaptor with a larger handle could be mounted for easier turning then all you'd need would be a lens and a bunch of cards as power would not be a problem. perfect for long trips or places where electricity is not accessible.

what i'd really like to see and nobody else has done is reintroduce the film advance lever! if this was a dslr, instead of the mirror assembly running on motors and using power, the film advance lever could crank and recrank the mirror. on a mirrorless, it could be some other type of switch or toggle, another way to charge the battery, or the usual 'crank it per picture' feature to enhance the retro aesthetics.
Introduce Yourself / Re: bah weep granah weep nini bong
« Last post by Paolo Navarrete on Today at 17:32:58 »
Paolo... 40... Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines

Practically born into Nikon, was dad's system that I inherited and now I dump old gear to him.

I've used Nikon mainly... When I use to teach in college, Canon was the school's system though there were some older Nikons so I had to learn the EOS way. I've also been swayed by Samsung and Fuji to change/add their systems but running duals systems is expensive unless one does/will not be upgraded. The same goes for shifting; you'll be at a loss.

Right now in my dry cabinet are a couple of my D7000s, my wife's 100D, a Powershot G12 that I use for street photography, and a DJI Osmo that is so hard to sell.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2021
« Last post by Fons Baerken on Today at 17:31:33 »
June 18


Z6, 35mm f/1.8s

Nasos, Paco, Hans and John - very nice and all green-ish enough  ;D

John - I have a weakness for such orbs.   

Just a casual shot - green food ... probably soon to turn yellow-ish.
Camera Talk / Re: ZF-c rumours
« Last post by Erik Lund on Today at 12:57:16 »
 :o :o :o
Camera Talk / Re: ZF-c rumours
« Last post by Ilkka Nissilä on Today at 12:42:51 »
built in crank charger... beats usb charging!

It's a mock-up, someone who does not work for Nikon made that drawing on a computer to fantasize about how the camera might look.
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Show Birds
« Last post by Akira on Today at 12:29:11 »
Great flamingo Akira!

Thank you, Nasos!

Nah mate - it is not a flamingo - it is lunch!   :P

Oh, boy, I feel sympathy for him...
Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2021
« Last post by golunvolo on Today at 11:38:53 »
Walking around.

  D5, 58mm 1.4g -jealous of John´s images  :)
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