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Speaking of pelicans, I just got back from Baja California.  Not surprisingly, we met some pelicans.  Here's one:

Other / Re: Supporting a 200-500 Nikon zoom
« Last post by Matthew Currie on Today at 04:21:52 »
For the issue of having only one hole, if the alternative is to toss the foot anyway, one might as well drill another hole in the one you have.

I made a custom plate for mine, with shallow milling on the top to match the shape of the original foot so it won't turn, but also drilled an extra hole and put in a pointed setscrew. It's quite stable now on a side-mounting gimbal.  If you are using a ready-made plate which doesn't provide a good place for a hole, you can remove the foot, drill and tap a hole from the top down, and put in either a pointed setscrew or a plain bolt.  If you drill a shallow recess in the plate where the bolt hits it, you won't have to make any of the attachments gorilla tight to keep it from ever turning.

The foot itself seems pretty sturdy, and I suspect any added flex will be in the tripod and head first.   By the way, the extra 1/4 inch holes in the plate shown are for screwing it into a monopod, approximate balance points at 200 and 500.

Lens Talk / Re: Do You Save Your Lens Boxes?
« Last post by Matthew Currie on Today at 03:54:41 »
I usually try to keep the boxes in my barn, but little creatures sometimes take advantage of them, so my actual supply of boxes that do not have holes gnawed in them to turn them into nests and public toilets has dwindled.  If by some freakish mischance I ever have to sell my 200-500, the buyer had better not expect the box.  Too roomy.
When the site went down back in fall I got notices for a while that it was under repair, then suddenly it just would not come up at all, just timing out. I finally got around to emailing Richard Haw, who said it was up and running, so I finally got around to trying to troubleshoot.  Something somewhere put the Nikongear URL in my hosts file.  Glad to be back, and will now see what happens whey I open pages with pictures.
A church near Zakopane, Poland
Laowa 12/2.8 w/Magic Shift Converter, Effective 17/4 Shift
Life, the Universe & Everything Else / Re: Text Book
« Last post by Tristin on Today at 02:33:16 »
Elegant and pleasant!
Life, the Universe & Everything Else / Text Book
« Last post by Geekomak on Today at 01:32:35 »
Nikon V1, Nikkor VR 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6, ISO 800, f/5, 1/6s.

Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: Hummingbird on wire
« Last post by Ashlandish on Today at 00:53:55 »
lovely, excellent image...
Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: Hummingbird on wire
« Last post by bobfriedman on Today at 00:35:54 »
excellent image!.. very nice
Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: Mandarin Duck
« Last post by bobfriedman on Today at 00:35:16 »
sweet shot!.. congrats!
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