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Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Clouds
« Last post by ColinM on Today at 18:42:06 »
A somewhat  abstract view of Tokyo clouds.

I love the many components  of this image Snoogly
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] shadows and light
« Last post by Dogman on Today at 17:59:11 »
Shadows foretell days of age.  GRII.

(EDIT: Sorry.  I don't know how I did that ???)

Just a wooden bench.  Ricoh GRII.

Your Weekly Blog / Re: December 2021
« Last post by Fons Baerken on Today at 16:24:37 »
December 1

Ready to welcome ...

Zfc, 56mm f/1.4
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Show Birds
« Last post by rosko on Today at 14:04:13 »
That goldfinch has attitude!

Paco, Nasos, thanks for commenting !
Themes, Portfolio Series, PaW, or PaM / Re: [Theme] Clouds
« Last post by Akira on Today at 13:45:31 »
Flying swords.
Camera Talk / Re: Z9 Release Thread
« Last post by chambeshi on Today at 10:27:07 »
Brad Hill has published his first take on the Z9 ~ 6 days testing after receiving a prototype. he's positive with a few minor criticisms, not surprisingly. A few new features not yet mentioned (at least in my reading). Two include that is now possible to"...copy an entire shooting (or custom) bank to another bank.";
the expanded scope of Recall shooting Functions is another.

It's also not surprising the EVF strikes him as excellent.... contrary to negative condemnations by spec-obsessives, despite never even touching a Z9
Your Weekly Blog / December 2021
« Last post by Birna Rørslett on Today at 09:19:21 »

Post your "blog" contributions here  No theme (other than what the passage of time creates), no contest implied, a maximum of one picture per day in the actual month and no more than 4 images per month for NG members, up to 31 for Supporters. You can distribute the contributions as once per week if you so prefer. Enjoy!
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People, Portraits, Street, PJ & Cityscapes / Re: Within my 10km radius
« Last post by Nasos Kosmas on November 30, 2021, 22:51:16 »
Very nice keep on!
Your Weekly Blog / Re: November 2021
« Last post by aerobat on November 30, 2021, 21:38:25 »
X100V @ f/2.0
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