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Camera Talk / Re: Z9 Front and Read Command Dials
« Last post by Kenneth Rich on August 08, 2022, 23:35:27 »
Well, Jack, you make some valid observations, and none is more truthful than "a simpler device might be more comfortable." Along with the old Dumbos like me, there are clearly some bright. experienced photographers who also think things are getting out of hand, and it makes me wonder if Nikon thinks so also, but they haven't done much about it, other than not supply a manual with the camera except for replacing it with a  beginners' guide to charging the battery, turning on the camera and snapping a pic that just won't wait.  I have a simple solution for Nikon: build cameras that come with half a dozen image cards with no images other than a series of menus, each labeled from simple to complex, and each with a simple instruction:" Load me first, Dumbo", up to the final card which will indicate it is intended for Geniis and complexity lovers. When each is loaded it will fill in the blank menu page relevant to the pupil who is struggling to understand the camera- firmware without learning how to download the firmware. When the pupil has mastered the final menu, they will have what they need to understand a Z9.
I reckon we could do with a [Theme] for Plants from around the World
(but I couldn't work out how to start a new Theme :(

So this stacked photo of my beautiful ginger plant can probably be put here for now
Your Weekly Blog / Re: August 2022
« Last post by ColinM on August 08, 2022, 22:21:01 »
Everyone's plundering
I've watched these plants become more and more blue over the last few weeks.
Birna may be able to advise, but they remind me of the Eryngium family
I think the structures of order are so subtle here, the're almost random!
The 2022 Garlic harvest, hanging out to dry
Camera Talk / Re: Z9 Front and Read Command Dials
« Last post by Michael Erlewine on August 08, 2022, 18:06:41 »
I am used to modern cameras, and digital ones in particular. However, when I get something like the Z9, where they not only have added stuff, but shifted other stuff around, I am anxious until I manage to find all of the main things I need in order to photograph. It usually takes me a few minutes. With the Z9, it took me longer. I love the Thom Hogan Z9 manual, but he has essays embedded in that manual and to begin with I just need to know a few logistical pieces of info. I am good now and am impressed by the EVF and LCD screens...and other things sure, as I find them.
Orange fumes

Camera Talk / Re: Z9 Front and Read Command Dials
« Last post by Jack Dahlgren on August 08, 2022, 17:17:19 »
Modern cameras have longer manuals because the number of things they can do is greatly expanded. Autofocus is a huge topic, then there are modes for resolution, frame rates, control settings, image type, viewfinder display and so on. An old film camera had just enough modes to meter and open and close the shutter. The hardest part was winding the film correctly.

I think that many of the new capabilities are helpful to me so I put in the effort to understand them, but I can imagine that for some, a simpler device might be more comfortable.
Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: RGB
« Last post by Fons Baerken on August 08, 2022, 17:15:41 »

Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: RGB
« Last post by Brute on August 08, 2022, 16:44:40 »
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