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Critique / Re: Slide scanner
« Last post by Les Olson on Today at 11:37:27 »
The only way you would do meaningfully better is to spend a lot of money for the Imacon Flextight (about US$30,000 IIRC). 
I love the dynamic balance of the photograph. I love b&w.

Thank you for posting!

Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Somewhere South of Key Largo
« Last post by ArthurDent on Today at 11:01:53 »
Comments and criticism appreciated.
Yes, the mighty 8/2.8 still delivers. I have a very early non-AI myself and it is now AI-modified using the factory kit, plus CPU-modified.

Just don't drop it as the metal of the lens casing although very hard is prone to being deformed along the front perimeter and is well-nigh impossible to bring back to shape later.

Another points are the ease with which you capture your own feet :D and the observation that depth of field, albeit large, is not infinite if the lens is focused close.
Critique / Re: Slide scanner
« Last post by Bjørn Rørslett on Today at 10:11:47 »
The LS 4000 ED is pretty capable. I run one of these units myself.

I have a feeder magazine for it and hook the scanner up to a dedicated older laptop (Thinkpads, of which I bought a stack for next to nothing. Put a small SSD into each and they run superbly, silently, and amazingly fast too). The larger LS 8000 ED run Silverfast and the smaller Nikon's proprietary Nikonscan which its quite good once tweaked to satisfaction.

I do batch scanning to a dedicated network storage device. Using the scanner set at maximum quality and highest oversampling, scan time per slide is quite long, but the scanner just potters along by itself in a corner and as a purely background operation is out of harm's way. Once in a while I retrieve the latest scans from the networked storage through one of my work stations, and process files there.

Over the years must have scanned 100.000+ slides from my own or clients' archives using the described set up. Earlier, when scanning business was all the rage, I had three 35 mm scanners running on separate machines plus the big LS 8000 ED, now I have just kept the Ls 4000 ED and its big brother for the occasional scan job.
Critique / Re: Slide scanner
« Last post by Bent Hjarbo on Today at 09:37:58 »
It is hard to get new filmscanners today, so you don't get anything better than the one you have.
Critique / Slide scanner
« Last post by Arild on Today at 09:18:04 »
i have an good old Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED.
I bought it second hand back in 2002, the days we all went digital :-)

How much better is today scanners??
How bad is this photo, which is a Kodachrome slide from 1986

I have approx 40 000 of these slides, almost complete coverage of Norwegian FLora
Nature, Flora, Fauna & Landscapes / Re: Paradise Lost: Jiuzhaigou
« Last post by Ann on Today at 07:51:59 »
David and Stany:

I am so pleased that you enjoyed these photographs.

Here are some more landscapes from that beautiful place.

More by good luck than anything else, we were there late in Autumn when the leaves were turning colour and, coupled with the intense blues and emeralds of the lakes, the colour combinations were fairly dramatic.

Your Weekly Blog / Re: August 2017
« Last post by Jack Dahlgren on Today at 06:04:47 »
Ghosts of flowers past
Untitled Df with 18mm f/3.5 AI
Life, the Universe & Everything Else / Nikon 8mm f/2.8 AI - So Cool!
« Last post by Kuri on Today at 05:53:35 »
This thing is SO COOL!
Nikon 8mm f/2.8 AI. The AI was made from 1977-1982.
Shot using D810.
First trial shots.
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