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Camera Talk / Re: Talk me out of "NAS" in regards to a DF (long read)
« Last post by RobOK on Today at 14:40:54 »

The cost of a refurbished DF is well...."kinda' high. Is the DF's 16mp/FF the magic combination

You will find a lot of Df fans here including myself. I went from the D300 to the Df and have never looked back. There is some quality to my images that I love but can't tell you what that is. The usability point that sometimes comes up is the relatively shallow grip. I am not a fan but have gotten used to it, but for others it is exactly what they want.  The low light AF is not strong for me, but the resulting low light images are amazing.  Be sure to rent or borrow one for a few days before pulling the trigger.

If the Df is too much there are many options for you including the D750. You will find different strengths and weaknesses between D750 and Df.

BTW, your posts are fine... no one here has thin skin, but they will tell you what's on their mind!!   :) :)

My final Himalayan pano, for the time being. This is the east wall of the Annapurna Sanctuary, in north-central Nepal.
Lens Talk / Re: "new" 55 f1.2
« Last post by armando_m on Today at 14:31:34 »
super expression and a good focus on the eye(s), means you put in speed grease ?
speed grease ?

Also the  camera is on a tripod and I focused in live view, it helps that I'm holding her favorite toy while I focus , after shooting I'll throw the toy and she will come back ready to do another intense pose and repeat all day long
Camera Talk / Re: Nikon 100th anniversary cameras & lenses
« Last post by Ilkka Nissilä on Today at 14:07:50 »
Well, I don't think Nikon needs any special anniversary products but simply standout products irrespective of anniversaries.

Note that many of last year's significant products were not introduced at trade fairs.
Camera Talk / Re: Nikon 100th anniversary cameras & lenses
« Last post by Randy Stout on Today at 14:05:32 »
Very disappointing CP+ for Nikon.  Guess it doesn't pay to listen to the rumor mongers, too many false expectations.

Camera Talk / Re: Nikon 100th anniversary cameras & lenses
« Last post by bjornthun on Today at 13:54:52 »
Nikon is probably thinking things through, carefully.
Other / Re: CP+ 2017 coverage!!!
« Last post by bjornthun on Today at 13:53:29 »
Richard, did you check out the Cosina booth? I see they've announced Voigtländer 35/1.4, 40/1.2 asph and again the Macro Apo Lanthar 65/2 for Sony E mount.

Nice video.  8)
Life, the Universe & Everything Else / Re: I saw a shoe
« Last post by Thomas Stellwag on Today at 13:47:52 »
good conversion
Other / Re: CP+ 2017 coverage!!!
« Last post by Erik Lund on Today at 13:46:46 »
Thanks for the look Rick!  ;)

Not a word about Video  :o :o :o
Many users have over time reported that the high MP Nikon, D7000, D7100 where very difficult to shoot, some have even given up using them,,,

I was one of those who gave up on the D7000. I was getting mostly poor results. "You might need to get your body and lenses calibrated" was the answer from the camera dealer. Then the gear was calibrated by Nikon service - they reported everything was fine. However I still got mostly poor results. I decided to return and buy another D7000 body. Same issues. I argued that my old D40 was fine with the lenses and was then told "shooting with a 16mp camera probably requires better shooting technique".  Sounds reasonable I thought..

I then slowly realised that most shots taken via LV ("live view") was fine - however I was mostly using the OVF. The D7000 was my first camera with LV and the lesson I learned was that LV uses contrast detection AF and focusing via OVF uses phase detection AF. By comparing shots taken via LV and OVF I could reproduce the issues.   

I then decided, for fun, to try a Fuji X-E1 instead. No mirror-slap and only contrast detect AF. Same sensor size and resolution as the D7000 but I got sharp, well focused images from day one and I still use the Fuji. 
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