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Help Desk / What's in your camera bag? previous thread here?
« Last post by RBSinTo on Today at 15:41:52 »
I thought there used to be a thread devoted to "What's in your camera bag?" but I've been unable to track it down. It's possible I saw it at another site, but just wanted to make sure.
Does anyone remember such a thread here, and if so where is it?
Please and thanks,
I prefer the bw version. Interesting scene. There is a story!

a touch of bittersweet, the previous shot @f4
Site Issues / Re: Supporter - Membership of NikonGear
« Last post by Thomas Stellwag on Today at 15:09:31 »
Paypal wants from me another  credit card for doing this payment - can I get a normal paypal adress from one of you?
 I already have 2 paypal accounts and am not willing to open an next one, would also send by credit card or IBAN, or cash,  no problem whatever you prefer
Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2017
« Last post by golunvolo on Today at 15:03:12 »
Now I can, no problem
Travel Diaries / Re: Karoo Trip
« Last post by Anirban Halder on Today at 14:59:39 »
Exceptional series Elsa. I like every single one of the photos. Particularly "170617 Karoo 419" - love that sunset shot. I can imagine how harsh was the sun there. However light your photos are so balanced; kudos!
Tt is a glimpse into a tour - i.r.o of some history of South Africa - for those interested in Nelson Mandela and the apartheid topic -  if this is your thing - here are some images from a tour I did yesterday with guests from California. We combined the Robben Island tour and a trip to 2 townships in one day.

Robben Island is a small island just North West of Table Bay harbour (12 km from the main land) This is where political prisoners were kept during the Apartheid period. One travels by Ferry to get there The dude in the image is a former political prisoner - he is now a site guide and lives with his family on the island. An immensely interesting and passionate person. Cant tell you how much I enjoyed listening to him. 

The Townships we visited were Langa and Kayelitsha. Kayelitsha - and you can NOT go there on your own. Driving there is hair raising - even for us locals! It is however awesome to see life in the Townships - kids playing in the street, a huge sense of togetherness and a great community, despite the fact that they are poor, houses often leaking like nothing you have ever seen, and the threat of fires being huge (they use fires for cooking and candles for light, unless they are illegally tapped into an electricity pole.

A delicacy you will always find in the Townships - Smiley's (sheep's heads). A lots of chicken (apparently better than KFC) and cheap sausage - all cooked on open fires on the street. "vendors" operate from right outside their homes (often 3m x 3m in size - and can house 8 - 18 people (believe it or not) Many of the homes are shacks - built from anything they can lay their hands on. Water and toilets are communal for these shacks. Not all homes are shacks - you will find some brick ones too. our visit to see a traditional healer (Sangoma) was interesting to say the least ...
Travel Diaries / Re: Karoo Trip
« Last post by elsa hoffmann on Today at 13:43:19 »
golunvolo - The Karoo is about open spaces for sure. I swear they mostly farm rocks in those areas.
Fons - strange as the images are not big at all
Thomas - we have plenty of those here - we call them pajama donkeys
Akira - you should visit :)
David - there are enough places I have never heard of - so don't feel bad.
There is no education like traveling - I wish I could do more.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2017
« Last post by Akira on Today at 13:39:52 »
  Akira, I canīt see the image here but opened the file. Very impressive colors! Thanks for sharing it

Thanks, Paco.  I wonder why you can't see the iamge here?
Your Weekly Blog / Re: June 2017
« Last post by golunvolo on Today at 13:38:10 »
Yes. If you open such a thread I have a couple of altars along the procession pass images. Here is called "procession of procession" as every one has a representation. Some cities included all me kids that has received  the first communion that year, also there?

  Akira, I canīt see the image here but opened the file. Very impressive colors! Thanks for sharing it
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