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Very nice results
Processing & Publication / Re: My First 'Proper' Focus Stacked Image
« Last post by JohnMM on Today at 21:33:50 »

The subject was a rather nice Carex Dallii bush in a sheltered corner ...

It looks like a Grevillea. There's a popular cultivar called 'Canberra Gem' found in this colour.
Incredible detail.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: May 2018
« Last post by Birna Rørslett on Today at 21:13:16 »
Here is today's example from th opposite spectral end (UV). Shot with the rather unlikely combination of Zoom-Nikkor 200-600 mm f/9.5 (AIS) and the Nikon D3200 with built-in UV bandpass filter.

I shot these Marsh Marigolds with the lens extended to 600 mm. as the plants were not immediately accessible from my vantage point. A pesky wind and 1/6 shutter speed meant a lot of the images had movement blur. But this one and a handful others came out pretty nice.

(the UV-absorbing basal patches are a typical signature for Caltha palustris)
Processing & Publication / My First 'Proper' Focus Stacked Image
« Last post by Seapy on Today at 21:13:06 »
Recently I revisited one of my favourite botanic gardens, Ness Gardens, on the Wirral.

Apart from the prime reason I went to get a selection of good images of Peris Formosa Forrestii, I also took some exposures suitable for focus stacking.  It was slightly overcast with almost no shadows, a slight breeze occasionally so ideal conditions.

The subject was a rather nice Carex Dallii bush in a sheltered corner of the gardens.

I used the D3 with micro Nikkor 105mm f/4.0 lens, the five exposures were @ 1/100sec at f11, ISO400.

The front stacked image:

And a close to 100% crop:

The stacked 100% crop:

And finally the stacked image:

I really enjoyed creating this image, I have been fascinated by focus stacking for a long time.  I intend to do many more.  Remarkably while I didn't realise at the time I was surprised to see that the plant is actually quite hairy, my close vision isn't particularly good (without glasses) but it was a really good lucky choice to show off such a hairy plant.
People, Portraits, Street, PJ & Cityscapes / Re: Aaron in Parkdale-1
« Last post by RBSinTo on Today at 21:01:23 »
Thanks Ian.
I know you live reasonably close to me, so if you ever feel like meeting up and shooting together in downtown Toronto, PM me and we can make some arrangements to get out.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: May 2018
« Last post by John Geerts on Today at 21:00:18 »
Busy days, Dobby is in tha house.
Your Weekly Blog / Re: May 2018
« Last post by John Geerts on Today at 20:58:23 »
Interesting street view 😄.
Yes :)
Lay of the Land:

I went to Costa Rica primarily to photograph its remarkable wildlife so mostly enjoyed its dramatic landscapes as we hurtled past them in the car. We were planning to shoot in several different areas which are many hours apart so we really couldn't stop at every bend in the road to photograph the landscape.

Here are just a few Landscapes to give you some idea of the countryside:

Approaching San Jose from the southwest.

Waterfall near Cinchona on the northeast side of Volcano Poas.

Early morning at the Arenal Lake below Volcano Arenal.

Evening after the rain at Arenal.

Stormy sky over the Naranjo River. (Photographed inland from Quepos from a dirt road which runs through virgin forests but is only passable in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle with a very skillful driver!)

A very long suspension bridge which crosses a deep gorge and the Savegre River at Los Campesinos.
(This is further along the same dirt road. It had been buried in a landslide at one point and we had to wait while a bulldozer cleared a way for us to pass through

and, to finish this story:
A panorama of a sunset shot as the sun burst through after a rainstorm in the Talamanca Mountains although there is still wet mist in the air:

This pano was merged from a set of 12 images which I shot with my 300 mm + 1.4 TC handheld as I swung though about 180°.
Stitching software is amazing!

Unfortunately I can't show you a taller rendition because the internet software limits us to 1800 px horizontally.

Camera Talk / Re: Sony moving away from making gadgets
« Last post by Peter Forsell on Today at 19:53:14 »

Sony has unveiled a new three-year plan for its business segments under new CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, and it’s clear that one of the company’s primary goals is to dominate digital photography ... Sony also stated that one of its mid-range initiatives over the next three years is to “be the top brand in the overall camera market."
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