Author Topic: Z fc - the thread  (Read 13091 times)


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Re: Z fc - the thread
« Reply #195 on: May 09, 2022, 20:09:53 »
I'm about to travel a bit in Europe and had decided against taking my D500 with me.
Mainly to cut down on size & weight, but also to avoid having a clearly identifiable camera on me.

Seeing comments on the zfc made me wonder if this might solve this problem as well as easing me into the Z world.

This is maybe a stupid question but, if they don't have a pentaprism, why do the Z range still carry the pyramid on the top?
If it was more rectangular like the "compact" cameras of the past, I might have considered one as an unobtrusive carry-around camera.

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Re: Z fc - the thread
« Reply #196 on: May 09, 2022, 21:01:28 »
Even an EVF needs optics to function as a traditional viewfinder :) using the rear monitor makes for more awkward handling of the camera + lens, plus it can be hard to see in bright daylight.