Author Topic: Link- Fix to Nikon 1 system lens aperture problem DPR:[Repair of 10-100 by MYDC]  (Read 213 times)

Øivind Tøien

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I have other CX lenses with the "aperture" issue, yes. Amongst them a nice, but unreliable, 10-100mm, and two samples of 10-30mm. A pity they designed these lenses in the manner they did, as optically speaking the CX series can be surprisingly good.

Here is an interesting thread about the cause of the CX lens aperture issue and how to fix it for those that cannot be fixed under the 10-30mm recall. Apparently there is a small plastic gear that is of low quality and needs replacement:
Øivind Tøien

Erik Lund

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That is a very high quality repair part, very nicely done ;)
Erik Lund

Bent Hjarbo

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I have just got My 10-30 repaired free of charge, even that it was serviced for the same 4 years ago :)


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My 30 to 110 Nikon one lens died but it wasn’t because of the aperture. It wouldn’t focus properly I checked to have it repaired but it was going to cost me more to repair than buying a new lens. So I just bought a new used one on eBay for half the price of repair. This lens is great with extension tubes, it makes a great macro lens. The extension tubes are readily available in eBay for the Nikon 1 system. Thanks for the information I will save this thread and if I ever have to repair the aperture motor I know how to do it.