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Re: Z9 Release Thread
« Reply #435 on: January 20, 2023, 10:10:29 »
More or less the same principle Nikon applies to all their 'pro' cameras. And ditto lenses. Better to make something small and replaceable to yield than destroy the entire camera (or lens).

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Re: Z9 Release Thread
« Reply #436 on: March 01, 2023, 13:06:36 »
Firmware version 3.10  has been released:

Info and download:

Added support for NIKKOR Z 85 mm f/1.2 S lenses.
• Improved focus accuracy for low-contrast subjects during burst photography with [Wide-area AF (S)], [Wide-area AF (L)], [Wide-area AF (C1)], [Wide-area AF (C2)], [3D-tracking], or [Auto-area AF] selected for [AF-area mode].
• Improved the frame advance rate during burst photography with optional flash units.
• Fixed the following issues:

    - The [Retouch] > [Trim] item in the playback “i” menu would in rare cases create distorted copies or not permit selection of the desired crop.
    - Copies created by blending a large number of pictures together using the [Retouch] > [Lighten] item in the playback “i” menu would sometimes exhibit a green color cast.
    - Rating pictures during playback zoom would in some instances temporarily corrupt the display.
    - In extremely rare cases, the camera would stop responding.

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Re: Z9 Release Thread
« Reply #437 on: March 13, 2023, 13:47:55 »
I have to say a few words about my experience with the Z9. As a close-up and macro photographer, for a number of months the Z9 just sat on the shelf and looked nice, and it felt big and bulky. When it came time to take photographs, I found myself reaching for the Nikon Z7 II every time. Of course, I tested out the z9, ran around the house taking photos, but back on the shelf it went. Glad to have it, but as to using it, not so much.

Then I heard that my daughter May Erlewine, who is getting quite well known and much-loved as a singer/songwriter was doing an album-release show in Grand Rapids, Michigan only about 50 miles from where we live in little Big Rapids, Michigan. I have not seen May live for three years, ever since Covid weighed-in, because I could not be in a crowd without masks and so on, due to health concerns and my age. This was a special tour, and May had flown in the original session musicians, one of them from England.

Anyway, I had to see May at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan for he album release of “The Real Thing,” her latest collection of tunes. And for this my Nikon Z7II was not going to cut it. I had to use the Z9, and on a gimbal at that, along with my Nikkor Z 70-200 S and the 1.4 teleconverter.

Most was done AF-C, 3D, and wide-area AF box.

We ended up fighting a snowstorm, but only on the way back from the gig. And why I write is become I can’t get over how well the Z9 worked in the concert environment. All May’s tour dates are sold out, so I am talking about a large crowd. And I was wearing a mask with a small fan-driven HEPA filter attached to it the whole time.

I took some 800 photos, used only half a battery (although I took three), and aside from some testing out photos, there was not a bad photo in the lot. Sure, there are ones that are my fault for not being quicker, but the Z9 nailed all of them. Never seen that before.

I was thinking of perhaps selling the Z9 for lack of use, but after this performance, no way that will happen. This is one incredible camera and while not for close-up and landscape photographers perhaps, there is no reason why not, other than the bulk and weight.

Here are a few shots. Not claiming them as great, just saying they are good enough to look at. 

As for the music, here is an album link so you can hear some of the tunes.

I am struck by the song “The Truth on My Side” and its line:

“I see the beauty in your lies, but I want to live with the truth on my side.”

Anyway, I am now a fan of the Z9 and have to get deeper into what it can do.

And as mentioned, here are a few shots with the Z Nikkor 70-200 S lens and some with the 1.4x teleconverter, which turns out to be a gem., Daily Blog at main site:,, Founder:, All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide, Classic, Matrix Software,

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Re: Z9 Release Thread
« Reply #438 on: March 16, 2023, 08:14:04 »
I'm not sure if this has been discussed but I wonder which flashes people have been using with the Z9, and what has been your experience.

I have SB-5000's and an Elinchrom system for my larger flash needs. I read some comments that people have had problems triggering Elinchroms with the Z9, and Elinchrom now notes on their website (regarding the Skyport Transmitter Pro):

"Like other flash brands, several users have reported sync issues using the Z9. We are currently investigating these problems." The page has been last updated on 23.02.2023.

Profoto say that their flashes are fully compatible with the Z9, I guess this is because Nikon gave them inside information about the protocol. While I like Profoto, it's inconceivable that I would trade my Elinchroms to Profoto because of cost and also because I like the bare-bulb illumination profile. I wonder what sort of issue there is with triggering the Elincrhoms and if it is something Nikon or Elinchrom will be able to fix with a firmware update. I have enough cameras that have mechanical shutters that work perfectly with the Elinchroms and in a studio environment there would not be a problem in continuing to use the older cameras but I would expect that if I buy the Z9 I would want to use it with my Elinchroms in some situations (such as at weddings).

If you've use the Z9 with non-Nikon flashes (especially units with 125-500 Ws), could you comment on the functioning and reliability of triggering? My Elinchroms are ELC500 and Quadra Hybrids with action and speed heads.  I normally use the Skyport Transmitter Pro Nikon version.