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Re: Nikon Cameras in the Cold
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Wow... Very interesting post and definitely keeping me away from those northern parts when such temperatures arises !!!!
Last time I went trough minus 30° was in January in Khiva in Ouzbekistan. Several other people had their film that broke because of winding motors, while my FM2n with manual advance allowed me to wind the film slowly enough. We were not clothed for such a cold and did visit the city almost running... That was before the digital era !

I'm much more a hot weather guy and have a profound respect for those like you that braves those white lands... :D

Yes, film breaking in the cold with too fast winding was a well known problem in those days, although I did not have much problems with my F4.

Credit for the link of course goes to Stefan Christmann for sharing his experiences overwintering at those very southern  ;) latitudes.
Řivind Třien