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3/8 inch tripod screw or adapter to metric thread screw

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I have a tripod head which has mount for 3/8 inch screw and I want to secure this head on a 25mm thick wood board (I want to build a DIY macro setup). To secure the head I need an approx. 40mm long 3/8 inch tripod screw with just a flat head I can secure using a normal screw driver or if an adapter exist that converts the 3/8 thread in the tripod head to metric thread (e.g. M4 (in order to use a normal M4 screw). I have a lot of 3/8 to 1/4 adapters so it is not that I am after (as I dont' have a long 1/4 thread screw). It seems most 3/8 screws are on the short side. If I knew the exact specification of the 3/8 thread for tripod heads ect....I could search for such a screw and not mention "tripod" etc. in the google search as doing this all these short screws shows up which are for another purpose than I am after.......

The 1/4" thread is Whitworth, but that is very close to NSC.  Pretty sure its the same for the 3/8" one.  If you have access to a lathe it would be easy enough to turn up a 3/8" to M4 adapter.

It seems the 1/4 thread is close to M6 and I have M6 screws and I think I could force a M6 screw through a 3/8 - 1/4 adapter or I have a thread cutting tool also.
A M6 screw goes almost all the way through the adapter before it "bites"....
So a good idea to try such an force an 3/8" - 1/4" adapter to an 3/8" - M6 adapter :-) 

I think problem is solved. I looked what I had laying around of large screws and I had some that fit. It was pure luck. Normally I only have metric screws.
But the one I found fits nicely in the 3/8 inch thread in the head. So good I did not trashed those screws during last "clean-up"......

Given that you have a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter,  just get a 1/4" Imperial thread screw (20tpi pitch) from your hardware shop.  Then there is no need to force the M6.


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