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Micro-NIKKOR 105mm F4 AI-S

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I just got this lens at the local market at a reasonable price about 135 Euro's. It is probably market price as it is a quite common lens.
I don't need another 105mm macro but it looked very nice.....and now I have it. I have the bellows version which I think is same optics. The coating is different I can see. Bellows looks single-coated compared to the AI-S.
Based on very few quick test images just to check if everything is ok the optical quality looks very good. So lot of quality for the money.
Images of lens and test images shot with lens. Some electronics like part of my Nixie-clock and part of DIY audio line stage....
I like the quite low CA in the high lights.

Birna Rørslett:
I always was fond of the 105/4 Micro. I did most of my earlier close-ups with this (or the Bellows 105) in AI shape. Yours is the more streamlined and less clunky-looking AIS version (which I also have). The pleasant 'rounded' rendition of all of them is its strongest point. The latest version handles shooting into light or back-lit subjects better.

The legendary 105/4.5 UV-Nikkor derived its barrel and looks from the 105/4 AIS.

How does an UV-Nikkor perform as "normal" daylight macro?

I shot an image at F4 of an artificial flower :-)   .....just to evaluate how out-of-focus background looks.....and first impression is positive.
I used flash as it is all hand held. Maybe in the spring I could make some nicer images in the nature.......

I have the 105/2.8 VR.....but from my has more CA in OOF area......but a nice lens also. I may do a direct compare some day......

Birna Rørslett:
For the UV-Nikkor to really "shine", it needs to be used for its intended purpose of recording UV images. You certainly can put on a bandpass filter like the Baader UV/IR Cut to restrict response to the visible range. However, the result is not that exciting any more, likely due to the fact that the lens is not coated in the ordinary manner.

I do on occasion use one of my UV-Nikkors for visible light work, though, but image files require additional massage during post-processing.

This lens is part of my ''macro dream team lenses''. AI version.

Qualitative optics and construction. I am still using it in severe conditions, it does the job.

It was chipped by Erik/Birna during our first get together in Scotland 2016.

We can now get it even cheaper than yours due to the decreasing value of most of this now vintage lenses (nikkors AI/AIS, Canon FD, ect.).



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