Author Topic: Interview with Nikon Executives on Various Issues Including New Lenses  (Read 308 times)

Bill De Jager

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Digital Photography Review has just published a transcript of their interview with three Nikon executives:

-Keiji Oishi - Department manager: Imaging Business Unit, UX Planning Department.
-Satoshi Yamazaki - Department manager: Optical Engineering Division/ 2nd Development Department.
-Takeshi Suzuki - Department manager: Optical Engineering Division /3rd Designing Department.

The interview covers a number of subjects, including the value of the Z mount (nothing new there), COVID-19 and its effect on sales, delays in the 70-200mm Z lens, and others. Mr. Oishi states that sales of the Z50 have been better than expected.  The 50mm f/1.2 and 14-24 f/2.8 Z lenses are discussed.  One interesting tidbit is the following from Mr. Suzuki:

We just released the Z 50mm F1.2 S as the beginning of our lineup of fast lenses

That indicates that more fast lenses, perhaps more f/1.2 lenses, are planned.  Of course it's been reasonable to expect a faster set of lenses would be forthcoming over time.  With the initial lens roadmap in 2018 I had hopes that Nikon would have two series of primes in basic focal lengths, an f/1.8 series and an f/1.2 series.  That's an exciting thought but it remains to be seen how many of the faster lenses will be f/1.2.  I expect an 85mm lens of that sort as a no-brainer because Canon already has one in the RF mount.  That would be a dream lens in Z mount, but based on the cost of the Canon entry it may be an impossible dream for most including me.

But perhaps these fast lenses won't arrive all that soon, because Mr. Suzuki also stated that:

Our next priority is to provide lenses that appeal to wide audiences, such as lenses with a focus on thinness and entry point lenses like the standard zoom lens Z 24-50mm F4-6.3, as well as some unique lenses.

There was no indication of a revised lens roadmap, though I'd be willing to bet a small sum that one will be announced next week along with the new cameras.  The executives refused to provide any information on planned future cameras beyond the existing announcement.

Erik Lund

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Thank you ! Very interesting  8)
Erik Lund

Ilkka Nissilä

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Some of the "unique lenses" may be lenses that have ultra-fast maximum apertures, something that go beyond what the competition is offering.


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Nikon sorely needs some pancakes, I am really looking forward to seeing the 28 and 40.  Now that they have demonstrated Z's capabilities, rolling out some lenses that have broad appeal and take advantage of MILC size will be great.  Going with 1.2/1.8 is wise too imo.  While I wasn't pleased with the direction they took the 50/1.2, I am liking just about everything Nikon is doing!


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The  first Roadmap was a bit boring and not too unique. The tendency to develop both a f/1,8 and f/1,2 line of primes was clearly visible. The meantime showed that there is a surprise besides roadmap. So far nothing too spectacular or specialized though. New rumors mention a 400/2,8 in combination with an estimated Z9.
A trend to develop unique lenses do not necessarily go with superfast maximum apertures. Canon just presentet a 600 and 800 mm lens with f/11
Wolfgang Rehm