Author Topic: High tariffs expected to be placed on European imports in the USA  (Read 312 times)


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Here's the discussion on pm dot net:

Friend Robert purchased used lens from Korea, Linos, it's made in Germany. Slapped with 25% tax and some 2.3% on top of that.
The tariffs isn't just limited to lenses, as later we discover.

This is a link to the full PDFs for 2020 Revision 13, if anyone in interested:

For Photo equipment: ... 0HTSARev13

An addendum:

On Thursday the U.S. Trade Representative proposed an additional 25% tariff on German lenses (as well as increased import fees on many other items). This proposal is open to public comment until July 26th. ... 3_2020.pdf

This will have a massive impact on used European lenses coming from outside of the USA, such as Europe or Japan. The two brands that instantly come to mind are Leica and Zeiss. There's many terrific Leica R and M mount lenses that can be adapted to the Sony and Nikon Mirrorless system. Zeiss makes high quality stuff and some of their older lenses are fun to have...

Non-photographic optics such as prisms and filters will have a massive and ridiculous 65% tax. That's insane.

I think it's bad news overall.

Jan Anne

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Welcome to the real world, please be aware that most European countries have paid (import) tax of 20-25% for as long as I can remember on almost everything we buy locally or import from overseas ;)

Never understood the no tax rule when you buy stuff from another state or country, the new import tax rules will be a shock for the Americans but this is how the rest of the world has been working for decades.
Jan Anne