Author Topic: Nikon 300mm f4 AF ED Fungus cleaning  (Read 231 times)


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Nikon 300mm f4 AF ED Fungus cleaning
« on: June 23, 2020, 17:16:06 »
Hi all,

I have repaired a few lenses over the past few years, mostly simple fixed length, (35mm f2, 85mm f1.8 ) ones but a few zooms (24-120, 17-35) as well, and I have never been unable to do what I want to do until now.

I bought a very cheap Nikon 300mm f4, the first AF version with distance lock ring etc, that has a small amount of fungus on the front element, and for the life of me I cannot work out how to remove the front element, there is no lock ring as far as I can tell, nothing that be opened with a spanner anyway, and the only screws found are 3 grub type an inch or so down from the front of the lens, removing these does nothing as far as I can tell. The whole lens seems impenetrable.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Re: Nikon 300mm f4 AF ED Fungus cleaning
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2020, 04:22:09 »
If it's the one I'm thinking of, it should be quite easy.

To verify your exact model I suggest you post a few good photos of the front of the lens for all of us to see.