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161 Free Online Photography courses
« on: April 18, 2020, 02:57:07 »
Being at home with plenty of time on my hands these days, I thought that I’d pay a visit to and see if they had any free photography courses that might help me to constructively fill my time.  I was already familiar with because I’d previously taken some of their courses on building a website.

I searched for “photography” courses, and found over 2,000 courses that charged a fee.  But when I filtered this search using the word “free”, I was surprised to find that they also had 161 free photography courses. 

The courses were varied, covering:  still photography techniques and gear, drones, video, and image editing.  So far, I’ve completed a number of these free photography courses.  My favorites include: “Guide to Accessories for DSLRs” ,   and  “How Many "Megapixels" Do You Really Need? “,   and   “10 Do’s & Don’t In Photography”.

Click here to see a listing of these 161 free courses -