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Matthew Currie:
When the site went down back in fall I got notices for a while that it was under repair, then suddenly it just would not come up at all, just timing out. I finally got around to emailing Richard Haw, who said it was up and running, so I finally got around to trying to troubleshoot.  Something somewhere put the Nikongear URL in my hosts file.  Glad to be back, and will now see what happens whey I open pages with pictures.

Frank Fremerey:
again ssl defunct...

Birna Rørslett:
Well, you *did* access the NG site through the http protocol, *not* https. So response was as called for in terms of security.

We do have a redirect from http to https somewhere, but obviously one still can slip past that measure.

Perhaps the update of our SSL certificate this July have influenced the redirect opportunities? I'll have a peek if I can get some time off from other chores.

Birna Rørslett:
Hmmm. Looks like the updated new SSL certificate only works as we thought for direct https-based access. So add the "s" and you'll be just fine, Frank.

Http on its own is inherently 'unsafe' so should not be used for any web site where you log in or post contributions. Our automated redirect should take care of that if the wrong protocol is applied, but unfortunately it appears not to work at present. We probably have to invest in an additional SSL certificate for this so the autoswap http->https again becomes operative.

Where are our supporters when we need them? Please sign up as a supporter if you haven't already done so. Running NG is not cheap and we need a basic foundation of supporters to keep the site afloat.


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