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HTTPS: Please report any issues in this topic.

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Andrea B.:
I'm working on verification of HTTPS. Please let me know of any issues you experience while we finish the details.

Thank you -
Andrea B.

Bent Hjarbo:
ICONs , the smileys, otherwise it works ok.

Andrea B.:
I have run the repair script. Then I cleared my own caches to ensure I wasn't getting old pages served up. But I also still see a problem with Smileys. So I'm trying to figure that out!  :) :)

The main pages are looking good, Andrea: Well done!!

While the Smileys are currently displaying as blue question marks, copying and pasting their URL does insert the punctuation-marks equivalent of the Smiley.

Personal Galleries still have issues though: in mine, I can see the data and the URL but the thumbnails are missing.

Andrea B.:
Looks like Icons and Smileys are back.

Ann, thanks for the info about the Gallery. I think the script I ran was only for the main board. So I will look for the Gallery fix now.


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