Author Topic: Nikon Z6/7 mirrorless system  (Read 228000 times)


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Re: Nikon Z6/7 mirrorless system
« Reply #1380 on: August 25, 2021, 17:40:36 »
Bruce, if you "mostly shoot custom adapted ("Frankensteined") oddball non-photographic lenses", then the short 16mm sensor to lens flange register distance of the Z6/Z7 camera bodies will allow for all kinds of such lenses to be used with infinity focus via the many adapters now on the market to graft such lenses onto the Nikon Z bodies without having to modify the lenses or their lens mounts as is sometimes needing to be done for the 46.5mm register of the F-bodies. 

And for some oddball lenses they simply cannot be put onto an F-body if infinity focus is desired.

Good point.   For my adapted lenses with longer flange focal distances (and for those I want to use for macro) I put them on my Nikon DSLRs.   However, for my many non-photographic lenses that I adapt with shorter flange focal distances, I put them on my mirrorless Fuji X bodies. 

Below are a couple of photos taken with a custom lens I built out of a single optical element (1.5 inches thick!) that I removed from the bowels of an old Leica slide projector.  The body I used was a Fuji X-E2.

Ilkka Nissilä

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Re: Nikon Z6/7 mirrorless system
« Reply #1381 on: August 25, 2021, 18:05:55 »
The images of both cameras are good. Here is one from the other day on the Z7II, Z 105Macro.

That's a really beautiful image!