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Could there be another Scottish spring? JOIN US AT SHEIL LODGE

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David Paterson:
NOV. 10th

We are in the process of booking SHIEL LODGE for a week beginning 11th May 2019. The lodge is a traditional Scottish sporting lodge with comprehensive accommodation and facilities. It sleeps up to 16 people so several places are still available. The cost will range from £100 per person (for the whole week) if 15 members participate, to £150 per person if only ten join in. At the moment we are nine.

The lodge is in a wonderful part of the Scottish Highlands with the Isle of Skye nearby, as well as other beautiful areas such as Applecross and Torrridon, as well as easy day-trips to the islands of Eigg and Rhum.



I casually dropped a comment in a different thread about a second "Scotland Week", and was a little surprised at the enthusiastic response. Certainly the last one, in May 2016, was a great success, and in perfect weather. I still regard it as one of the highlights of my career as a photographer (now stretching towards 50 years).

So here's the question again - would you participate in a Scotland 2019 Week, probably in May again or possibly September/October? My advice would be to go for May. The week's activities would be centred around the accommodation we choose, and I will try to find 2-3 possibilities in the southern and south-west Highlands.

If you would like to get on the list, please just reply to this thread, and indicate your preference for spring or autumn.  Last time we had 19 participants including me; any number between 12 and 20 would be good.

NEW INFO - 20/10/218
I have looked at a lot of accommodations, some quite suitable for our needs, some not. But they are nearly all very heavily booked, and prices have risen dramatically since 2016. If this event is going to happen we will need to book accommodation very soon. Also, looking at what is available, I find myself being pushed more and more in the direction of the Loch Tay Lodges we used the last time. This is not ldeal - some have already been here in 2016 and might prefer a different venue  - but two of the lodges are available for large parts of May (the third lodge is fully booked), their prices have gone up but are still reasonable, and if we took two lodges we would have bed-space for at least 12 people (the list still stands at 10), and there is the possibility to rent another, smaller lodge if the list grows beyond 12.

I would urge anyone else who is interested to please get their names on the list by pm-ing or emailing me - with their preference for which week in May, and their feelings about the event being centred on Loch Tay and Killin again.

I enjoyed the blazing sun and high temperatures spring again for me please!

Frank Fremerey:
Isle of Skye in May? Portree is wonderful, but also further down  at the foot of the Cullin Mountains would be gorgeous.

In 2019 I supervise my building project so I can only finalize my plans on short notice. If my construction needs me, I will not be there

Birna Rørslett:
I could do either alternative, but if one must be given priority, it's spring.

Jan Anne:
Wouldn't mind revisiting Skye, the last time I was there we had horizontal rain for days so ended up on the East coast to get out of the stormy weather.


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