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Re: New Tripod
« Reply #105 on: June 20, 2020, 17:58:35 »
To Asle and Wolfgang: In your opinion, would the Sachtler DV6SB or FSB8(+ matching legs) be acceptable for shooting with a 300mm (mine is f/4) plus heavyish DSLR (mine is D800) at the "danger zone" shutter speeds between approximately 1/160th and 2 seconds, as one might do when shooting a tele landscape in low light?
 I know a giant Sachtler Video 18 would work, but it's big and many $$$.

I have never had any problem I can source back to the head. 300mm/2.8 is my most used lens on this head, on D800E. I got it with a ENG 75/2D tripod, but the tripod was not up to the task.
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