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What's in your camera bag? previous thread here?

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David H. Hartman:
Normally a Nikon D800, AF-S 20/1.8G ED, AF-S 50/1.8G, AF-S 105/2.8G ED VR. Also most of the time an AF 70-180/4.5-5.6D ED Micro-Nikkor and AF 28-70/3.5-4.5D. And there's more: an SB-800, SC-3 IR pass filter for CLS/AWL as I don't like to use on camera flash unless I have to. I carry this almost everywhere.


I also have a tripod in the trunk of the wrong car. :)

the solitaire:
Most of the time:

My stuff

F, F2 or F3 depending on which film I want to shoot, and what's in each camera
16mm f3,5 Fish Eye Nikkor
55mm f1,2 Nikkor-S.C
80-200 f4 Ai-S or 105mm f2,5 Nikkor-P

Kristinas stuff

Sigma 35mm f1,4 Art
Sigma 135mm f1,8 Art

On demand I add TC's, tubes, filters, flash

That's camera equipment to keep 2 people entertained ;)

All of that fits in a Tamrac Expedition 5 bagpack.

I haven't used or needed any dedicated camera bag for years.

When I visited a musical instrument company in Germany to write an article about its factory and its open house event a few years ago, I took two Sony NEX-5R with the 16/2.8 pancake, Ai Nikkor 50/1.8 via an adapter, three batteries and a charger.  I put each camera/lens combo into a air packing plastic bag.  The batteries and the charger were put into another plastic bag.  And then all went into my backpack.

Now I use D750 and AF-S 50/1.8G combo as my usual "system".  I just hang the combo from my left shoulder.  I always carry a backpack with the F64 quilt bag.  I put the combo into the quilt bag and then the whole thing into the backpack whenever I need to pack the camera.

I read "camera bag" as "dedicated bag" but, along with Akira, my most often used bag (daily) are work bags, either shoulder or small backpacks. They'd always contain minimal photo gear, i.e. Df, one mounted lens and occasionally a second one. Which lens comes along is according to the mood, or (rarely) purpose. Usually some MF prime, somewhere in the 25mm - 105mm FL range. With two lenses : recently, for a concert shoot, 58/1.4 (Voigt) and 105/1.8 AIS. Otherwise most likely 40/2 (Voigt) + close-up lens, and 105/2.5 AI.

Frank Fremerey:
Currently I either take the D500 with the 1.8/20G or the X100T. Both are similar in many aspects but both inspire different ways to show stuff. cannot really explain. Result is more emotional shots with the X100T.

If I want to do street photography, the D600 & 1.4/105E is my friend, waiting for the coming "FX-Version of the D500" to replace the D600.

Rarely I take the D3 out. The 1.8/85G is the perfect fit here.

Summing up: I rarely carry more than one camera and one lens when I am not on duty. Professionally I take with me everything I need to get the job done plus backup, so three bodies and at least 4 lenses.

No zoom in my bag


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