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What's in your camera bag? previous thread here?

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I thought there used to be a thread devoted to "What's in your camera bag?" but I've been unable to track it down. It's possible I saw it at another site, but just wanted to make sure.
Does anyone remember such a thread here, and if so where is it?
Please and thanks,

That rings a bell in my mind as well, unfortunately I can't recall where I saw it either. But, maybe someone else will be able to fill in the blanks.

Or, you could declare this thread the official NG version!  ;D

Jakov Minić:
I remember the thread too, but it might have been called differently.
Nevertheless, if I travel light my camera bag contains, usually the following:

10.5DX fish-eye
20/1.8 AF-S
85/1.4 AF-D or 135/2.0 DC

Today's trip : Df, and Zeiss 25/2, 50/2, 135/2 in a small shoulder bag normally used for m43. Complete with cleaning pencil, spare battery, reading glasses, and two pocket books bought on the way.

(edit: the lighter, and quite capable, variant is Nikkor 28/2, 50/2 and 105/2.5)



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