Author Topic: Tascam DR 60D Mk 2 - 4 channel digital recorder for Video  (Read 6749 times)


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Review. ( this is a revised review updated from a thread in "other" )

I mounted the unit on my fluid head with the  video camera on top .I use a Sanyo camera because I only record wedding services and the 20m on a DSLR would be too short .I use 720p to keep the files under 4 GB. Once recording starts  there is no adjustment for recording level on the camera (menu driven only) which is why I use the Tascam. I have since discovered that Nikon DSLRs will do 30 min in 720p mode so am going to give that a try.

With a DSLR you would mount the unit side to side but as I stand to the left I mounted the Tascam front to back with the display to the left so I can more easily read it . First job is to go into the menu and turn the display backlight to ON continuously  or its impossible to read. The two microphones (a shotgun and a radio mike for the groom) go into the XLRs. The MK 1 version had problems with the XLRs getting stuck in the socket and that's still the case ...I cut off the metal below the latch hole on the plug to defeat the latch.
The output  (CAM) goes to the Camera via a 3.5 mm  and then the headphone socket on the camera returns to the Tascam to feed the headphones via an amp.
With the extra amplification of the Tascam I can now hear the audio the cameras headphone output being a bit weak. Sound in the headphones confirms audio is getting to the camera. With a dslr you would have the audio levels displayed on the rear LCD so adjustment would be simple via the Tascam.
While the unit remembers all the settings when turned off it reverts to MIX for the headphones when turned on again .This is not suitable if you need to hear the return from the video camera and so its a bit of a pain to change it to CAM each time you turn it on. This would not apply if using a DSLR with audio levels displayed on the rear LCD.
I am pleased with the unit (now I got the backlight ON ) it solves my problem, reasonable price and looks professional. I also have the option to make an audio recording to the internal SD as a backup.
You can see the specs and pictures here..
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