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Here's what Mamma Lee has to say
« on: September 20, 2016, 19:47:44 »


Your posts here will be on the internet forever.
Even a deleted post has been archived somewhere.
So how do you want to be remembered?



Write carefully and thoughtfully because internet posts lack all visual and vocal social cues.
Facial expression, gestures, posture, voice inflection, timing - all are missing.
Effective use of emoticons or short explanatory phrases may help express nuances of speech and appearance.  ;)

English is not everyone's language. Do the best you can.
Ignore misspellings and grammar errors with good grace,
because we are interested in communication not perfection.

You can misinterpret any post if you try hard enough, but that serves no purpose.
Always ask for clarification if a particular post is difficult to understand.

How to Have a Good Conversation:
  Stay on topic with concise, meaningful contributions.

If you have expressed your views Once in a conversation, do we need a RReeeeppeeaatt? Noooooo.........



If you have a chip on your shoulder, just go away now. Please!

WE DON'T YELL ON THE FORUM. We speak normally on the forum.

Do not   
w  a  s  t  e    s  p  a  c  e   on our forum by:
flaming, trolling, provoking, making ad hominem attacks, being abusive, name-calling,
picking apart another's post line-by-line, arguing, harping on the same thing over and over,
or being cranky & irritable.
All this comes across on the internet much, much worse than it might if face-to-face
and marks you as an annoying, low-status Tool.

Personal disputes go offline to be settled.
None of the rest of us want to see your dirty laundry at all. Sheesh!


Mamma Lee Says:  Do Not Drink-and-Post!
Your drunken or druggy wit is not as funny as you may think. And your stoned logic is non-existent.
Only your Mamma could love you when you're under the influence, but she will not be amused to see you that way.
We certainly are not.

BTW, Just how stupid is it to insult the Owners & Admins of the forum? You decide.



There are
Facts and there are Opinions. Please do not confuse the two.

How to have a refreshing, informative Discussion:
You state your views. The other person states their views.
Information is exchanged. Communication happens.
You both may not agree, but so what? No agreement is necessary, but everyone has fun. What's not to like?

Nobody else in the world thinks exactly like you do, so why are you trying to argue them into submission?
This is called a Futile Effort.
If you could persuade everyone else to think like you, then there would be a lot of boring yous, wouldn't there?
You will not gain status, money, babes, promotions or more testosterone by arguing on a forum.
So if you like to argue just for the sake of arguing, go become a Politician.
Mamma Lee
Kind-hearted but Fierce Queen of Netiquette