Author Topic: A forthcoming server migration  (Read 4011 times)

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A forthcoming server migration
« on: July 12, 2016, 14:13:42 »
Our web site provider ( has been taken over by Endurance International Group, an larger international organisation.

Our VPS server will be moved to a new hardware platform in the near future. They promise faster and better specified server solutions running off SSD storage, so on paper this can only be good news. However, IT being IT, who knows what can go wrong. Apparently the good Mr. Murphy is very well connected in these circles ....

The new provider does promise old and new site will run concurrently until all quality and performance checks are completed.

There probably will be new IP address, another DNS migration, etc. to incur some downtime during the actual migration period.

The NG Team will do their best to keep our member and supporter community informed on the progress of this change.