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The mixed lighting created interesting effects.

Tom Hook:
I like the noirish mood these pictures evoke, with the colorful artificial light accenting the darkness.

Thanks, Tom.  The mixed lighting on this house was quite inspiring.

Mongo agrees with Tom - the mood created by this combination of lighting and colours is quite a feature on its own.

$1 - the defined lines of colour and geometric shapes together with framing work very well

$2 - Mongo really likes the combination that these two deep colours create against a black BG/surround. Particularly like the fusing of one colour into the other. Framing also very well worked out.

Exposure is spot on on both.

Well seen and produced Akira.

Mongo, glad you like the image and thank you for the comments.

The second image was actually a retry of the one posted in the past here and to FZ.  The image was shot with D7000.  This time I tried it with D750, and its superior high ISO performance and the pliability of its NEF enabled the further experiments of heavier processing.


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