Author Topic: How to Become an NG Supporter with Two Golden Squares and Your Name in Orange  (Read 8360 times)

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Unlike many web sites, Nikongear (NG) does not accept donations. Nor do we put up ads or rely on ad revenue to keep the forum afloat.

NG has deliberately opted for a path in which open free software, a basic financial investment of the Core Team, and subscriptions taken by NG Supporters all contribute to make us economically independent. We just need to cover the running costs of our server, that is all. NG is not intended for making any economic profit.

You can become an NG Supporter, and earn 2 Golden Squares ** to be displayed with your avatar and you Name in orange, by the simple action of going to your member profile and clicking the following in sequence:

  • Profile > Actions > Paid Subscriptions > Order > Order with PayPal
    Please do note the optional Recurring Payment checkbox.
The current price of subscription is 20 Euros per year and runs for for 12 months before it is renewed. Payment can be conducted either by Paypal or credit card.

As an NG Supporter, you will always have access to all boards and facilities provided by the Nikongear site.

Should you no longer want to be a subscriber, just unsubscribe at any time. You are then automatically returned to the standard Member Group and lose the extra Golden Square. Sorry, no refunds, because the subscription period runs on an annual length.

The default PayPal subscription page pops up in US English unless you currently have onboard your PC or laptop a stored PayPal account cookie which determines the language you will see from your PayPal account settings. Should you get the default US English subscription page, you can set another version of English or you can set your language of choice -- if offered by PayPal -- by selecting your country from the Country drop-down menu.

For example, our UK members can choose United Kingdom and thus see an address form tailored for UK style addresses. By PayPal design, some non-English speaking country selections present only English on the default (no PayPal cookie) NG subscription page. For example, Finland and Indonesia pop up a default English page as per PayPal design.

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties with the NikonGear Subscription process.