Author Topic: Zoom-Nikkor 75-150 mm f/3.5 Chipped, no zoom creep [NOR]  (Read 1532 times)

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I just replaced my current 75-150 Nikkor with another from Jan Anne. This in order to get the gen.2 with chrome holding ring. I know, it is a little vanity on my side as my Gen.1 75-150 is in perfect working order and has no zoom creep at all. The lens comes of course with a sturdy 'BR' type CPU chip in a factory contact block, reporting it to EXIF as 75-150 mm f/3.5. There can be no immediate feedback of focal length (and max. aperture in case of variable-speed zoom lenses) for the manual lens as Nikon didn't expect such a lens to be CPU-enabled at all in the future. Thus I follow my usual practice of setting focal length and aperture to the average over the focal range. For the 75-150, this means it will report itself as a 75-150/3.5 lens working at 112 mm and f/3.5 (max.).  The aperture can either be set directly on the lens (if you change the camera's default from 'using camera control' to 'use aperture ring'), or via the camera dials for those preferring this mode of operation. All programmed modes (A,P,S) are available in addition to M (manual mode).

The lens is in excellent condition with very little external wear and pristine glass. No fungus.

Asking 150 Euro or 175 USD, whatever currency is preferred, plus shipping 35 Euro/45 USD, will ship world wide.

Payment by Paypal to post [insert the usual character here] NG members can send me a PM, visiting guest will have to use e-mail or pay directly through Paypal in order to secure the lens for themselves. This is strictly a first in-first out deal.

Currently on the NG trip to Scotland thus shipping will occur after I return to Oslo, around May 20th.