Author Topic: Subscription Service Opens  (Read 2248 times)

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Subscription Service Opens
« on: June 19, 2015, 19:29:25 »
This is to inform all members that the Subscription service now is open.

Annual subscription is 20 Euro. Sorry we cannot provide alternate currencies at present.

To subscribe, follow these steps:

In the main menu,

Profile > Actions > Subscribe

You'll be redirected to PayPal. Might be a Dutch or other non-English version, but Paypal is similar everywhere. We are looking into the localisation issue.

Subscription runs for 12 months and you receive a reminder 30 days before the subscription ends.

After you have subscribed your membership will be updated to 'NG Supporter'.

Shortly, we will reduce guest access to the NikonGear Revival site and following that, existing members need to subscribe or miss their posting and viewing privileges.