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Server migration is coming soon
« on: January 04, 2016, 20:55:29 »
Hi all NG members and supporters:

we will shortly undertake the migration of the NG forum to our own dedicated server (aptly named 'fiercebear', by the way).

During the migration process, and in a verification phase thereafter, NG will NOT be accessible. The site can be taken down without further warning from now on.

Hopefully the migration itself will be quick and painless, as the site size is not humongous at this stage in its history, and might be done in a matter of an hour or so. However, there will be subsequent book-keeping of site and forum information and some initial testing to conduct before the site re-opens.

Thus, be prepared to see Nikongear unavailable or in maintenance mode for (hopefully not more than) a day. Thus there will be time for some photography as well.

Do note there will  be a change in the IP address and thus the updated DNS records have to propagate world wide before full access is restored.

On behalf of the Nikongear Team