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Profile Guidelines
« on: June 18, 2015, 20:03:17 »
I don't really have extensive guidelines here. Just a couple of suggestions.

Edit Your Profile

From the top Menu buttons, click Profile and find your Forum Profile.
Profile > Forum Profile > Modify Profile > Forum Profile

Location Field:  Please fill this in so folks know where you are from. You do not have to be too specific. Name your town, your country, your state, or your region. Or include all of them, if you like.

Favorite Camera and Favorite Lens:  These are optional, but folks enjoy them.

Signature: If you are not using your full name as your Screen Name, then please put your full name in the Signature box.

Choose Look & Layout Details

Profile > Forum Profile > Modify Profile > Look & Layout
This is where you can choose a Theme and make other alterations to what you see when you are logged in. More about Themes here.

One optional, recommended setting is: Use Sidebar Menus. I think site navigation is easier when this preference is checked.