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Theme Guidelines
« on: June 18, 2015, 17:29:31 »
Last Update [16 August 2015]

There are currently four available Themes from which to choose:
  • Revival
    A bright rectangular, Nikon-yellow, black & grey Theme with dark grey titles designed by Bjørn & Andrea.
    This is Nikongear's default Theme.
  • Revival Light
    A light rectangular, pale grey & green Theme designed by Andrea. Very low-key & easy on the eyes.
  • Curve
    A curved, blue & white Theme. The category bars and menu buttons have rounded corners.
    This is the SMF software's default Theme.
  • Mr. Truckman
    A darker modern, rectangular, grey & white Theme with orange titles.
  • Core (unsupported)
    This is a very old, cluttered Theme.
To select the Theme you would like to use for your Nikongear visits, please access your Profile from the Menu buttons and find the Look & Layout page:

Profile > Forum Profile > Modify Profile > Look & Layout

Then change your Theme choice:

Current Theme > Change > Revival  > Change profile (click this button to save profile choices)

When you highlight & click Change, you will be presented with the Theme choices. Scroll down to the Theme of your choice and click Use this Theme.

Please report difficulties with Themes here:  Theme Issues