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READ FIRST: Forum Rules
« on: June 10, 2015, 17:01:11 »
Welcome to Nikongear

We are happy to have you here! Whatever your artistic inclination or photographic prowess might be, do be proud of your achievements. We have members at every level of photographic achievement. So join us here and post your photographic work and explorations. Everybody can and will benefit by participating in an open-minded community and interacting with the other members.

Nikongear (NG) is a web site for grown-ups.
Thus we expect every member to behave as such.

  • We respect the gear choices of any member, hence NG is entirely brand agnostic.
  • No ad hominem attacks. No posting while drunk, drugged or otherwise impaired.
    Infractions may result in a warning point and possible deletion of posts.
  • Discussion of contentious topics such as religion, guns, or politics will simply will not be allowed.
    Please do not try to push the envelope by clever rephrasing or allusions.
    Infractions may result in a warning point and possible deletion of posts.
  • All posted material must have a photographic connection because NG does not have an Off Topic board.
  • Nikongear Administration reserves the right to edit or remove any topics or posts as they deem necessary.


  • When a member has accumulated 3 Warning Points, the member is either Banned or placed on the Inactive list at the discretion of Nikongear Administration.
  • You have a 48 hour* window in which to edit your posts. After that, please petition an Administrator to make changes in a post.
  • If you have a legitimate reason for deleting a post, you can use the Report button to notify an Admin who will be happy to delete it for you.

*The edit window duration can be changed, or the edit limit removed all together, at any time


Always do keep in mind this is a truly international community with members from all over the world. So while English is the de facto lingua franca on NG, it is not the mother tongue of many members - that would include the NG Team, too. Kindly always seek the intended meaning behind what is written instead of getting frustrated or annoyed with the wording. Important nuances can be and very often are lost in translation. Step up to being a compassionate interpreter of the posted message. Then we will all co-exist happily to the benefit of the community at large.


Grown-ups recognise pornography when we see it. Put such images on web sites better suited for the purpose. Explicit tasteful nudes that may include full frontal nudity are acceptable though.
Please mark your nude-containing topic with NSFW so that other members will not incur problems when at work or in a family setting.


We will enforce peer moderation on NG. Admins will usually  not step in to solve intra-personal issues. The only exception will be if the discussion enters a gridlock and really needs external assistance to move on. That means the thread in question might be put under Admin scutiny and conflicts resolved if possible by deleting problematic content. Do note this is a measure the NG Team will do its utmost to avoid, so don't count on such help and instead think twice before you post contentious matter.

If you complain about another member, then both of you will be put into a time-out ("sandboxed") group and deprived of all privileges, except for PM access, until the conflict is sorted between yourselves. We only will reset privileges when the issue is resolved.

Posts deleted  for whatever reason are placed in the Recycle Bin. This is a read-only repository included for transparency of any problematic interactions. A comment is usually included to indicate why the post is found here. Posts under active moderation are only found in the Recycle Bin after the Admins have decided what to do with them and the user(s) involved.

The Recycle Bin might have restricted access to NG Supporters only.

Please consult the following Guidelines for membership registration and subscription.
Last Update [16 June, 2016]