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Image Guidelines
« on: June 14, 2015, 17:00:10 »
Last Update [16 January 2016]

Permitted Extensions: JPG and GIF
Links can be posted to other formats. But only JPGs and GIFs can be uploaded as attachments to a post.

Color Space:  sRGB
Embed the browser standard sRGB into your images for proper display across various browsers. Not all browsers are color managed. And those that can be are often left unset by naïve users.
Mandatory Maximum Upload Image Filesize:  2560kB
This helps prevent server overload. It is not necessary to save a JPG at the highest quality setting because most of that gets lost in web display. Aim for around a 75% quality setting and you should not see artifacts. Reducing pixel dimensions also reduces filesize.

Suggested Maximum Upload Image Dimensions:  1200 x 800 pixels
The forum software will resize your image dimensions for display on the page if they are much larger than what is suggested.
And to see those 1200 x 800 pixels, you will probably need to expand your browser and turn off any sidebars. An image may also be right-clicked (select View Image) to view its largest size (up to a point).
It is best if *you* handle the resize yourself rather than letting the forum software do it for you.

Available Height for Image:  680 - 800 (?) pixels height, depending on browser.
Any image in a typical landscape format should display nicely here in a non-mobile browser.
An image in portrait format is going to suffer somewhat because there is simply less forum page real estate available for height. This is unfortunate, but the web always has been wider than it is tall. ::)

Minimum Image Viewing Dimensions after Forum Resizing:  503 x 503 pixels
When you shrink your non-mobile browser viewing space, the Forum Software will downsize the image until this point.

Maximum Attachments per Post:


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Re: Image Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2022, 13:59:57 »
Again the NG admins need to emphasise that pictures need to be scaled down in their pixel dimension. Strong jpg compression might  NOT suffice on its own.

You will encounter issues if you try to upload a file of massive pixel dimension say 8000 x 5000 or even smaller. Keep pixel dimension max. 2000 pix on the long axis, or smaller if you like, and you can upload a photo with the highest level of jpg quality and a great visual clarity. Just keep the file storage size to 2MB or less.

The reason for the "size" problem is probably caused by intermediate processing in the inner workings of the forum software, to which we have little access and even less control.