Author Topic: Where should I post my image? READ THIS  (Read 14312 times)

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Where should I post my image? READ THIS
« on: June 21, 2015, 14:15:16 »
The Critique board is meant to be an arena for reflection, discussion, and critique, of any submitted image.

The  basic assumption is that any contribution benefits from a dual communication between artist and viewers. Criticism has no negative connotation, rather the opposite. A response is always positive for the photographer and alternate viewpoints should always be welcomed. There is no inherent "right" or "correct" way of making and presenting a photographic image. Perhaps a viewer "reads" an image differently from the photographer, or the latter might not even be entirely conscious why the image ended up being the manifestation exhibited on these web pages. Open-minded discussions can throw light on such questions and provide insights to the advantage of all, the photographer inclusive.

All too often we witness image critique being construed as negative, threatening, or harmful, and thus leading into people digging into their own trenches for protection. Such derailing can easily be circumventing by  asking the obvious question "I like/don't like, BECAUSE" and then spin further on the reasons you feel are paramount to your response. To tell someone you like, or dislike, something and then don't elaborate why is a futile exercise and has very little inherent value. Pats on the shoulder should be reserved for the "social (sic) media", not here. We need to move beyond that stage in our treatment of image critique.

If the above sounds familiar and relevant, do put your own contribution into the Critique board. If you are uncomfortable with these conditions, place your photo into the more specific groupings we have provided (Nature, Landscapes , ...). We still expect people to discuss the contributions of course, no matter where they are located on the site. However, always include the "why" approach.

You can move your own threads to an alternate board or image grouping if you later decide the Critique board was not the correct placement. Should you not be able to move the thread, contact the Team and they will be happy to assist you. Do note you can only move a thread you have initiated, not a single post.