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Re: My Slide Film Catalog
« Reply #30 on: March 17, 2023, 17:29:47 »
Nice to see you use your 75 to 150 zoom so much Roland . That was one of my favourite lenses for years. I would often take it and a couple of wide angles, a 35 mm and 20 mm for a hike. I also used that zoom with a 4T close up lens and it made for a really nice macro lens. When I compared the optical configurations of that lens to the old 80 to 200 4.5 lens they are almost identical. I guess that’s why it was so sharp, that was a great lens but this lens has a constant 3.5 aperture, which is great for such a small zoom . I also have the 50 to 135 lens but the 75 to 150 is so nice and light and easy to carry around. Unfortunately like you say it’s not great for shooting into the sun even though it always has a lens hood attached when I’m out with it. I also put a dandelion on mine so it’s still very useable even today on my Nikon Z5, I can still control the aperture through the FTZ adapter. Regards Gerry