Author Topic: Really Right Stuff TVC-32G Versa Series 3 Mk2 Ground Carbon Fiber Tripod  (Read 354 times)

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I know, many folks don’t like it because it is small and heavy, rather than small and light. I have a box full of small and light tripods, and I use them when I have to, but this is the tripod to use, IMO, because it is strong, robust, and not that heavy (2.5 lbs.) I have an RRS L-Bracket, and then an RRS pano-clamp, all of which sits on a 75mm bowl. That’s the Z9 sitting on it with the Z 24-70 s lens. I’m all set for table-top or ground work. Founder, (articles), (video tutorials), All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide, Classic, Matrix Software,,


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Congrats. I’m using its bigger brother, the TVC34L.

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