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Hi, I am Werner from Switzerland. Normally I work with large format cameras like the Linhof Technika. But color processes are getting more and more expensive. So it's time to finally switch to digital cameras in the area of color photography. In the area of black and white photography, I will stick with 4x5 FP4+ and Fomabrom. Cf.

I have been using the Nikon FM2 and the Nikon F3 for a long time. Fortunately, I still own some extraordinary lenses, e.g. the AI Nikkor 4/200, the AI-S Micro Nikkor 2.8/55, the AI-S Nikkor 2.8/28, but also the latest AF Nikkor 1.8/50. These lenses have already served me extremely well on the Nikon D2X, which I purchased at that time for reproduction and scientific documentation (art history publishing). The D2X still works! But the number of megapixels is too low, and it has no automatic sensor cleaning. In the meantime I switched to the Nikon D850. On this camera my lenses still work very well, too. "Nikon" - in our time of planned obsolescence, this is a positive statement.

Fons Baerken:
Welcome Werner!

Bruno Schroder:
Welcome in the community, Werner.

Thomas Stellwag:

Hi, welcome to our little corner of cyberspace.

Do show us your pictures, regardless of on whcih medium they have been captured.


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