Author Topic: Using the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 48mp  (Read 436 times)

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Using the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 48mp
« on: September 28, 2022, 18:15:17 »
Using the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 48mp

OK, I have an iPhone Pro Max and want to see what it can do. There are caveats that are not first apparent. For one, the 48mp images can ONLY be taken from the 1x camera position, not any of the other three. And furthermore, even then you have to take it just as you see it. If you move close or enlarge it in any way, it will revert to 12mp images without asking or telling you. So, no close-up or macro work or anything in 48mp, but only that straight shot when you select 1x view. As mentioned, if you move closer the iPhone will automatically choose another (wider) lens and give you 12mp.

Also, in the camera settings you will have to have chosen 48mp instead of 12mp or you default to 12mp.

However, the new 12mp images are not bad, certainly good enough for much of what I post on the web as part of my daily blog, etc. I include here a closer-up shot of the flower of the New England Aster, a 12mp shot. I am sure I can get the focus sharper given time, but these are just, well, snapshots. It’s an iPhone after all, but getting better at photography IMO.

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