Author Topic: Finally, a usable version of SnapBridge?  (Read 479 times)


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Finally, a usable version of SnapBridge?
« on: August 11, 2022, 16:25:18 »
This may only interest users of legacy cameras now.
But I've tried & failed to get SnapBridge to work with my D500 & mobile devices many times before.

Since my phone is newer now, I gave it another go.
With the current version (V2.9.0 on Android) it seems to basically work now.

Still clunky, but I was able to connect & get new images off my camera easily. Editing RAW on my phone was maybe taking it too far but whilst I lend my office to a family member, this was a pleasant surprise.

Here's a sneak preview (see the Food Theme for full image)