Author Topic: New Camera Shortages Are Resulting In Crazy Demand For Used Ones!  (Read 664 times)


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I've got multiple camera systems.   Recently I've decided to concentrate on just my Nikon full frame bodies (Z6, D700's), and my Olympus micro four thirds bodies.

Currently I'm selling Fuji X and Panasonic MFT bodies on Ebay.  I'm getting offers daily on both cameras, and have over 20 watchers on one and over 40 watchers on the other.   Having sold thousands of items on Ebay I've never had that many watchers on anything in the past. 

I checked with Amazon and B&H and found that neither of them have any Fuji X-E4 bodies for sale.  Also, my X-E4 is the only one currently for sale on Ebay.   

Why the super high demand now for good used digital cameras?   Is it because of the chip shortage?   Is it because of supply chain issues?  Is it because of pent up demand now that Covid is winding down?

It's a great time to be selling cameras, and I'm not complaining, just trying to understand what's going on these days in the used camera body market.

P.S.  I'm also selling an old Pentax lens and when the auction ends tomorrow night I'll get over $500 USD for this manual focus lens.   Have you too found that the selling prices for used lenses has gone up recently too?


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Sales were slow during the two Corona years and I think in 2022 it's all catching up leading to an increased demand (incl. prices).


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I window shop online almost every day (when I should be doing something constructive) and I have noticed higher used camera prices.  Also used cameras with higher shutter counts selling for higher prices than previously.  There is also a demand for old film cameras again from what I can see for sale online.  I'm considering doing a closet cleaning and getting rid of the plethora of film gear I have that was once considered worthless. 
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Is it a film "retro-trend" among young people or who use film cameras today?

Many of those old cameras needs CLA to run perfect. Thinking of slow shutter speeds, sticky light seals, damping foam for the mirror etc......depending on which generation of film-camera.