Author Topic: Older, 3rd party zoom deserves honorable mention  (Read 193 times)

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Older, 3rd party zoom deserves honorable mention
« on: June 15, 2022, 19:11:51 »
For fun I sometimes play on, "That Auction Site." I set a bookmark for newly listed Nikon mount lenses with a buy it now. Once in a great while, someone just wants a quick sale and sell at a bargain.

I bought an old af-d, Nikkor 28/2.8 and an oddball Sigma for $90 -$100. ( I forget.) The Sigma 24-135/2.8-4.5 is a D style lens released in 2003 and on certain cameras it is an excellent performer.

It isn't spectacular on 12mp but on higher megapixel fx cameras it pretty much leaves all 3 of Nikon's 24-85'5 in 2nd through 4th place. I don't own the 24-120/4, so I can' compare.

This lens generally costs very little in the used market. If you can find one, it might make you happy giving this one a try.