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Re: Walkstool
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2021, 08:55:30 »
I would not stand on a Walkstool!!!!! It takes the extra support of my legs not to tip over as it is but I am on uneven ground most of the time. I am well over 100kg.

Four-legged camping chairs are more comfortable but do not fit into back packs when folded. I have broken several due to metal fatigue in the frame because it is hard to keep all four legs on the ground at once so I put on a lot of stress. My current one is rated to 300 pounds and I have not broken it!

ps. I dug up a shot showing this four legged chair taken within a few meters of where I was shooting the last two days. Here the camera pole is in the lake right at the mouth of the creek. I am facing south more or less. The previous shots were to the west of this small point where the creek enters the lake - a small "embayment" used by salmon for spawning.