Author Topic: Nikon D3x Off to Nikon Repair for Servicing  (Read 1289 times)


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Re: Nikon D3x Off to Nikon Repair for Servicing
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2021, 09:57:12 »
Seems similar to the so called Apple Genius Bar. Depends a million percent on who you deal with.

I am just a humble lumpen drone here in Tokyo, and my experiences with Nikon totally depend on who I a lucky enough to deal with. Of course those with Nikon connections can easily fast track here, but the lumpen like me have to deal with the trained drones.

Everything is by the manual here, from nuclear disasters to a faulty camera. There is no space for free thinking or difference. So if a lens or camera is not officially supported - that’s it. Endo.

The only time I wish I was living in the USA is when I know I am missing out on an independent reapairer..


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Re: Nikon D3x Off to Nikon Repair for Servicing
« Reply #31 on: October 16, 2021, 01:27:04 »
I apologize for not returning to this post, I realize that some of you took time to comment and I appreciate it. I am split, part of me thinks no one wants to read about my experiences as it's not uncommon or enjoyable. Part of me wants to continue documenting it...  ???

 The frustration continues but there is progress. They finally accepted the camera back and sent a prepaid UPS label. I spent on last day with the camera and then boxed it up. There are many similarities with the D3 and some very obvious differences. I still need time to explore and learn the inner workings and how to make images with it. I responded to a closed ticket as I hadn't heard anything and once again was reminded that their website is in need of some TLC. As soon as I sent off an email to reopen the ticket I got an email stating it had been closed. I documented this in a follow up email to Nikon and then later received a reply and a new ticket number. So I took a look and the new ticket number reads:


Please note in much of my correspondence I have stated bad pixels and when elaborating used the terms Dead, Stuck, Hot, Cold(? may not have given this term but I circled the damn pixels! They don't register the correct value). I have never seen the term burned out pixels used. I have coined this marketing speak.  ;D

 I explained it to my wife this way when explaining the frustration based on the comment on the ticket:

 That is like taking your car into the shop and saying I have a flat tire, there is a hole in the tire and illustrating where it's at with soapy water. They repair it and hand over the car, the tire goes flat immediately and you take it back and tell them the same hole is in it and they argue about it. Finally they say yes, there is an unrelated problem, there is separation between the molecules, we will fix it but it wasn't related to the issue it was initially sent in for.

In any case, I see progress and I will hold onto that and hope that it arrives in time for some fall photographs. While this has sapped some of the excitement out of getting the new gear, I am still extremely eager to get it back and put it to use!