Author Topic: wrong exposure when pressing shutter-release half way and recomposing  (Read 75 times)


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I'm using a D7200, but this issue may also concern other models. Let me explain the situation:
Auto ISO is on (max value 1600), camera is in Aperture prio. Also, in custom setting c1, shutter-release button AE-L is set to off.
When taking a picture of a somewhat dark subject, shutter speed and ISO is automatically set by the camera and this works fine.
When first focusing on another, much lighter subject, pressing the shutter-release half way and then recompose to the same subject in the first shot, the shutter speed is changed correctly by the camera, but the ISO stays at the value measured at the focusing subject. The picture of the subject is now underexposed.
In live view, this issue is not present and the ISO changes accordingly when changing to the subject.
This works the same way the other way around (a light subject, but focus locked first on a darker subject)
Is someone familiar with this behavior? And more importantly, is there someone who knows the solution?

I'm a regular reader of this very informative forum and never started a new topic because I could always find an answer. Until now that is...

Erik Lund

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To lock the exposure and re-frame you need the function called AE-L Exposure-Lock, can be set up together with AF and custom buttons depending on camera.
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I'm probably not grasping the question but I'll make a fool of myself (as I am want to do) and suggest that if I used a D7200 I'd set the AE-L/AF-L button to be my AF-ON button and I'd use the Function Button on the front, the button below the Preview Button to be my AE-L button. Why would I use the Function Button for AE-L? Well going way back to the Nikon FE2 and maybe the Nikon EL-2 pressing the self time lever towards the lens locked the exposure when in Aperture Preferred mode, a very old habit.

Dave Who is trying to be helpful though he is probably clueless.  :)

AE-L means Exposure Lock: press and hold to lock the exposure and recompose.
AF-L means Auto Focus Lock: press and hold to lock the focus.

These days I use the F1, Function Button on my D850 for a FV Lock (Flash Value Lock).

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