Author Topic: Possible Speedup for Capture NX-D on Windows 10...  (Read 790 times)

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Possible Speedup for Capture NX-D on Windows 10...
« on: May 16, 2021, 22:01:58 »
Here is a link to a post on the Flickr group Nikon D800/E, D810 & D850 Users Group...

Helpful Hint Improve Speed of Processing/Rendering when using Capture NX-D (may work for Photoshop as well)

Here is a cut & paste of BallRoomPics Post...

Quote from: BallRoomPics

Hello all,

Symptom: Editing raw files via Capture NX-D was painful.
It might take 45 seconds or more for any single edit to be applied.
Brightness/Contrast/Levels/Sharpening etc

H/W Stats
CPU: Intel i7-3610QM @ 2.30GHz
Cores: 4 physical 8 logical
O/S: Windows 10 Professional
Machine Age: Purchased new 2012
So yes, a bit old and memory constrained by today's standards.

In my particular case the issue was memory compression.
When I looked in task manager under memory I would see that 440MB of memory was in compressed mode.
Applying an edit resulted in memory compression/decompression activities and a painful editing process.

I looked around for how to disable memory compression.

PowerShell (right click run as administrator)
Disable-MMAgent -mc (there's a space between Disable-MMAgent and the -mc)

Backout Procedure:
PowerShell (right click run as administrator)
Enable-MMAgent -mc (there's a space between Enable-MMAgent and the -mc)

Reference page

Result: Basic edits are now completed almost as quickly as I finish adjusting a slider.
The improvement was dramatic not subtle.

This may work for PhotoShop as well - but at the moment I don't have a Photoshop subscription
I use a locally installed copy CS6 for my D80 but the D80 10MB files are small enough that
I don't trigger the problem and CS6 isn't compatible with D850 so I can't test D850 RAW with CS6.

Because I only have 8GB of ram I do shutdown all optional software while editing.
i.e. I'm not running Excel, Word, WoW or other memory heavy s/w.

There are no guarantees - but in my particular set of circumstances this made a world of difference.
i.e. Offered in good faith, mileage may vary.

I'm curious to whether others have an improved circumstance by pursuing these steps.
Apologies if this is old knowledge for everyone already. I did do a quick search before posting but didn't find a match in the group.

I tried this on a school HP ProBook laptop and I'm not sure there was an improvement. The Disable-MMAgent -mc procedure may have been in effect already.

All the usual warnings: Backup everything, burn incense to your favorite deity! YMMV!

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