Author Topic: Problems with the TechArt TZE-01 Adapter for Mounting Sony-E Lenses on the Nkon  (Read 1386 times)

Michael Erlewine

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Michael, you write that the CV110 is a step above the CV125. Could you please elaborate on that? Is it sharpness? micro-contrast? bokeh? all? BTW: I find the sharpness of your CV110 photos astounding.
How do you compare this lens to the Zeiss 135mm APO lens from an IQ standpoint? I am thinking about starting a "flowers project" and was thinking about using the Zeiss lens and the Nikon 60mm for macro. But the CV110 seems to be an attractive alternative except for the stability issue you mention.

All of the above. I just get the sense that the CV-110 is all-around a little better. The Zeiss 135mm APO (I call it the Otus 135) is about as sharp as things get. However, it is heavy and not really perfect for close-up, which is what I do.

I like (and favor) the CV-65 macro APO-Lanthar more "magical" than the CV=110, but both lenses are really great for close-up work.

The CV-110 is a tad sharper, but the CV-65 is not slouch either. Here is an image with the CV-65. Founder, (articles), (video tutorials), All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide, Classic, Matrix Software,,


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Wonderful. Thank you.