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[TERMINOLOGY] rendering & rendition
« on: October 22, 2018, 12:43:51 »
Because the bobfriedman thread on VR and TC artifacts is not the right place for it, I suggest we discuss user Kuri's question here:

His post,7999.msg129773.html#msg129773

reads: "This term 'rendition', 'render', etc., seems to be popping up a lot here and there. I suppose it might mean a lot of different things. A group of things?
Could anyone define that term a little better?"


rendition is the remix of a shot in the style the photographer likes to interpret the RAW data. I call it "remix" and ran a remix contest that was quite successful here until the crowd lost interest.

rendering is the way a lens draws, the lens characteristics determined by its construction. It usually is a combination of the way the sharp parts are pictured, the unsharp parts are pictured and the transition between the sharp and the unsharp parts PLUS specialities like lens faults the designers kept because they seem charming to them. One example I come back to very often (1.4/24G @f/1.4) full view and fairy_dust_lensfaultpreservation.jpg:

Kirmes April 2010 by Frank Fremerey, on Flickr
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