Author Topic: I got my old slide screen back. (Sort of.)  (Read 777 times)

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I got my old slide screen back. (Sort of.)
« on: June 29, 2017, 22:34:03 »
I recently retired my old television to the bedroom, which I seldom use & dropped a 55"/4K in my circus room.

My Sandy Bridge i7, notebook's 15" display stopped working so I connected it to the new 3840 X 2160 television. I made a copy of my DSLR photo backup on an extra external drive in a USB dock & let Lightroom go crazy for many hours. With a direct HDMI cable the computer runs a bit warm, but supports the native resolution.

My oh my….."What a delight." From 6 to 24 megapixel raw files over the last 9 years, it's wonderful to scroll back & look at full screen. I can even magnify to 100% & get more detail on higher MP shots. There are also many, many jpg's dating back into the late 1990's

The only thing that is a bit confounding; I have a couple Canon Powershots (G12 & G1X,) & the results are quite impressive too.

(Whoops, I mentioned the "C" word.)


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Re: I got my old slide screen back. (Sort of.)
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 07:20:52 »
Yes, I also now have a new 55" OLED TV, and it is certainly revealing when you get images up on it.


Off Topic:

I have no problem with the "C" word - they make very good gear and help keep the other manufacturers up to the mark via the very intense competitive pressures that they exert.

Canon used to be known as Kwanon, so you could simply use the "K" word?

(Apparently Kwanon and Canon sound very similar in Japanese, so the Anglicisation of how the word was spelt did at least maintain similar pronunciation for Japanese consumers.)

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