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Link: Iceland's "tourist volcano"

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Øivind Tøien:

I have been following this Icelandic English language news-site these days and enjoyed a number of high-resoution videos, mostly from drones that have not been shown in other media, except a few shorter clips:

I am posting the main link to the news site as new spectacular clips keep showing up.
There is also a very nice webcam down the page:

Fantastic video clips in those links.  Would be fascinated to see it happening live.
Thanks for posting these -
Cheers,  John

Øivind Tøien:

Yes, very fascinating. Today a new fissure opened up, creating a fast flowing long river of lava - looks really unique.

Those drone videos beats the views by far of what one would be able to see if visiting in person, but I agree, it would have been very nice to be able to travel there.

Thank you for sharing this intriguing news site!

And this guy flies his dron really close to the most active fissure.   :o

Jakov Minić:
Thank you so much for the link!
Iceland is the most fascinating place on the planet!


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